ovulation question...

Hiya, this is my first post on this site- very exciting!
me and my h2b are planning to start ttc at the end of august after our wedding, so im being very organsied and am going to start tracking (?) my cycle.
I know that people say you OV 14 days into cycle, but i don't quite get it, does that mean after AF or from the start of AF.
ive also heard that you get a CM (clear, egg white substance) when you are ovulating?
im planning on taking folic acid from the end of may, any other advice for a newbie?
thanks a lot!
babyscoobs x


  • hello babyscoobs.

    ovulation usually occurs 14 days BEFORE your period, not after, as women have different length cycles. how long are yours? if you have regular cycles get few ov sticks so you can see how long from when you ovulate to when you get your af and this will be the same each month. its the time from your period to ovulation that can change with stress etc.

    taking your temp will tell you when you have ov'd but its annoying as it has to be done at the same time every morning before you get out of bed. alcohol etc can affect the result so maybe not yet!

    cm does change when you ov too, so that's correct.

    basically, start having sex every other day and it should work. how old fashioned is that! :lol:
  • thanks a lot- im really excited already, 5 months to go! x x
  • Just to let you know 14 days is considered to be the norm but we aren't all the same and anything from 18-10 days before the start of your next period is to be expected.

    DM x
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