Goodbye Ladies

Its time to say goodbye from me....

DP and I decided to start TTC in July but as AF has arrived this is officially going to be our first month excited and glad to say that even though it doesnt really mean anything until July if that makes sense lol i just feel a little step nearer!

So thankyou for your advice and support ladies! You have been a fantastic help and reassurance that Im not the only obsessive woman out there!lol! You all seem like you will be fantastic mothers and I wish you all the best for the future... I know a few other ladies will be bumped up to TTC soon as well so hope to see you there soon. :\)

Lots of luck and babydust to all and hope the wait goes extra fast for you

x x x


  • Best of luck Ashleigh! Hoping you will be promoted (in the nicest possible way!) by the time I get to TTC, but really hope everything goes well for you. How exciting?! xxx
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