Hello Ladies!!!

Hi Ladies! I'm Lisa, I'm 25 and am trying for no3!
I am actually having my copper coil removed this evening!!!
I have 2 daughters aged 8 and 2, and would love a boy this time round, although i'm not bothered as long as its healthy!

Just a few questions:
Has anyone else had coil removed and ttc??
How long did it take to conceive??
Were your periods still the same??

I'm having a period at the moment (tmi), so am kind of hoping having my coil removed tonight that i might be lucky and fall pg straight away!! Have only had coil in for a year, my periods have always been regular and my cycle always 30days.
Just hope it doesn't mess my cycle up!

Good luck to you all!!!


  • Hi, Sorry, I can't help with the coil but just wanted to say welcome!
  • Thanks!
    Its ok, had coil removed and it was absolutely fine. Doc said everything should just stay normal, so hoping my periods will stay regular! Fingers crossed!! Now its time to ttc!!!!
  • Hi hun, I used to have the mirena fitted & doc said my fertility would go straight back to normal when it was out!!
    I'm on CD3 at the mo & will b ttc #2 when it finishes!! so excited...hope i fall nice & quick!!

    Good luck hun xxxx
  • Aww thanks!
    Good luck to you too!!!
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