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OH and I have decided to ttc between Dec - March next year, Feb being the best month for us. We would like a November baby if we had a say in the matter (works out well with school terms being a teacher - get the most out of mat leave) but obv we may have to reassess the situation next year if it is a rocky road. However we did think about dicing with fate this Feb - I should OV on the 15th so would be a pretty romantic valentine's day! I have a feeling we will chicken out of that though. Anyway, back to the point, as a result we are trying to see this year (both very broody and waiting a year seems hard work) as a chance to get everything into shape. We aim to save as much as poss (we're pretty good with money though, no debt etc), finish off work on our house and get as healthy as poss. I have been on the pill for a good 8 and a half years (came off in Dec) am very pleased to discover I have had two proper AF's thus far both being exactly a 28 day cycle. Most surprised as my cycles were all over the place before the pill. I still don't feel very in touch with my body and am only just learning about cycles (madness that we never get taught this). Have decided to keep a diary of cycles and try taking my temp every day to get a good picture of my cycle. Just wondered what everyone else is doing to get prepared/stay sane in the mean time?


  • Hiya!

    We're going to try ttc at the end of this year as well, it;s hard to wait that long as I am already getting quite broody! We have one lo already who will be one in a couple of weeks. My plans for staying occupied (and sane) whilst on the wait are to get my periods back as I am still breastfeeding and haven't had a period since lo was born, and also our big plan for this year is to try and buy a bigger house if finances allow.

    I know what you mean about getting to know your body/cycles - I didn't have a clue until we were ttc the first time round!

  • Oh, it is good to know someone else is waiting til the end of the year (in theory!). It is weird the things that make me think 'sod it, let's go for it.' I am studying WWII with my class at school at the moment and watching one of the women talk about time spent with her mother in the war made me come over all broody. I've also started to resent friends who are moaning about being pregnant or having children! Quite frankly I am becoming irrational!
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