hi, having spent most of evening working out ovulation, af/bfp dates and due dates for the next six months. In wondered has anyone else done this? or am I all alone of this one. I'm due my first proper af next month. I've given myself a week leyway for af to arrive. x


  • I know all my ov dates for 2010 lol its a bit mental.

  • I've done this too!
  • I just married about three months ago and am 36 (hubby is 30) so I feel that I really can't wait too much longer to get started! Only prob is that we have a morgage to pay off. Plus neither of us earn fabulous money if we have to both depend on it to survive together. We have paid a little extra off the house, but at this stage, since we have only owned the house for about three months (it settled three blimmin days before the wedding!) we have not had time to pay a whole lot off on it.

    Id' LOVE to be pregnant, but have a feeling that I'll see how things work out, then if they don't I might start looking into those ovulation dates and all that. At the moment, that is all greek to me! haha.

    Also, hubby and I want to sell our house in 12 months (well, see what it's worth after we have owned it for 12 months) and purechase a bed and breakfast somewhere near the snow. (I'm an Aussie). I told a good friend of mine that, and she thought that both having a bub and having a b&b are great ideas, but not necessarily together.. as bub will totally sleep deprive me and I won't be up to getting up aqt 5am to cook breakfasts for my guests and be charming and loveable as I"ll be the grumpy mum from hell after months of sleepless nights..........


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