Please...has anyone been advised that they have unexplained infertility? then adv that hubby has slow swimmers ? then went through IVF? but was advised there is a slim chance of conceiving naturally? so tried.... and had an outcome? x


  • Thankyou for that, it helps, Im 38! I must get detoxing !!!!
  • A friend of mine has recently married a woman who has twins from a previous relationship who are the result of IVF. I don't know the details of why she needed IVF, but she's just fallen pregnant by my friend the first month of trying! In fact they weren't even trying really, just letting her cycles get back to normal before seeking advice about trying - as he'd also had problems with his bits in the past and wasn't sure he'd be able to have kids either.

    Sorry I don't really know the details but hope stories like this give you hope!
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