Babies and age gaps....

Hiya, I was just wondering how many of you planning a baby have other children, and what are their age gaps....

I have one little one who is now 6 months old, and I want to start trying now, OH wants to wait till at least a year?

Does anybody have any experience with babies so close together or would you recommend waiting??

Dani x


  • hello

    we have a 15 week old and plan to start when LO is about 12 months, it would be earlier but we ended up with a section x
  • My OH wants to start at 12 months, he thinks its a better age gap and a lot easier, but I really don't think I can wait!!

    What do you have piggypops? A little lady or a little man? xx
  • little man called jacob, how about you?

    we dont want to leave it too late as we both have large gaps between our sibling and are not close to them, we would like our children to have the oppertunity to be. i think another thing about 12 months is that even if we catch straight off LO would be old enough to walk and we woulnt need a double buggy!
  • I have a little girl named Lola!! I never thought about the double buggy issue... That's made me rethink the age gap a little! I already hate trying to do shopping with a single buggy but with a double eesh!!

    So how is your broodiness? Under control? I have days where it's all I can think of and then others where I know were doing the right thing by waiting! Today is a sensible day.....
  • on good days its all i think about :lol: but LO is teething at the min so we have a few bad days with hours of screming that does make me think my god how would i cope with 2! but i did panic about how i'd manage 1 but we've done just fine so far,

    we have what feels like a tank for a pram and most shops are a no go area so i'd hate to think what a double buggy would be like trying to navigate, quite a lot of the shops have lifts that i can only just get into with my single one!
  • Ah my pram is quite a big pram so i sympathise with you on the lift issue, in some stores where i am the lifts are just big enough for me and the pram, OH takes the stairs....they really should make those things bigger!! If i can just fit in with a pram, must be really difficult for a wheelchair....

    Oh bless your little one, mine has just got her first tooth, but so far (touch wood) she has been fine!! We didnt even know the tooth had come through until someone noticed!!

    I used to worry about managing with one, but she's a right gem!! She's such a good baby that I think surely I can handle two of these, but everyone keeps telling me 'wait till she's older....your second is always worse' lol it does make me doubt it a little lol x
  • I keep trying to convince myself waiting is the best option lol!! I know deep down it is. If we run out of condoms and are in the mood there is always something in the my head that tells me need to wait!! DONT DO IT!! lol.

    I will definetely keep your advice handy though whenever i get tooooo broody!

    Broodiness should come with a switch....on or off!! Being broody is a good thing, but when your toooo broody its bloody torture lol.

    Ah your last time....heres hoping you get a boy then hun image
    All the best Dani x
  • Hi was having a nose around the site and ended up in here! no idea how that happened!! lol
    I have 2 girls, one is 3 months and the other is almost 5 so there is 4 and half years exactly between them! I have found this to be a brilliant age gap. i had lots of time with DD1 on her own and now she is at school so i get all those hours alone with DD2 and we also get lots of time to all play together. DD1 is old enough to undertsnad not to opick dDD2 up, not to feed her anything, make sure things are not left on florr in her reach ect
    I really want another and i felt exactly the same when DD1 was this age too and if my hubby didnt have such a sensible head im sure we would have had more by now!
    anyway, we have decided to wait until DD2 is2 and then see how we both feel about having another, im sure I will still want one so we are doing what we can in those 2 years to make things a bit easier,like adding a conservatory,finishing other things in house,saving money where possible ect!
    also we have decided to keep all baby stuff from DD2(never did with dd1) and if we do have another baby we have stuff and if we dont then we will sell it.
    so after lots of babblering, i love the age gap my girls have and will have about same again if possible
  • We have a much bigger age gap than most. I am 31 and my two daughters are 15 and 12. My husband is 43 and his two daughters are 21 and 19. I am due our little boy in 6 days eeek!!
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