Any body else come off the pill in January?

Just wondered if anyone else had come off the pill in January?

I came off mid month with the intention of TTC in May after our wedding. So worried about what's going to happen (or not happen!) after being on the pill for about 13 years without a break!

How's everyone else getting on?



  • hi fallenangel

    snap... me too, i came off the pill on the 14th jan (to be exact), i was quite worried it would take ages for things to get back to normal in that department as i had been on the pill for many years... however much to my relief af arrived afew days ago .. hooray

    we are also going to ttc late spring/summer and cant wait....good luck to you

  • Me too!

    I came off the pill on 3rd Jan having been on it about 14 years. I was absoluetly terrified things wouldn't get back to normal, but, so far, so good...I've had 2 AFs, both on exactly a 26 day cycle.

    Was thinking the other day how weired it is that I'm excited when my AF turns up - give it a couple of months (once we've started trying in about May) and I'm really sure I wont be so pleased to see my AF!!!!
  • I'm in the not so great side of things!!
    Came off yasmin 31st December had normal af after pill end but have still not had another af this is day 54!! I was also on pill for 10 years ben in 3 different ones and never had a break. Good luck hope your cycle goes backto normal like the other ladies on here.
  • hi alison...

    hope af comes soon, its horrid counting the days as they go by....

    and then in afew months time we'll all be hoping NOT to see af!

    wf xx
  • Hi everyone, I came off the pill on the 12th February had my normal AF after I finished the pack so think I am due around the 17th March if I am on a 28 day cycle but then you cant really tell can you until you've had your first proper AF what your cycle is!
    I was on the pill for 9 years with no break! Me and my fella have started trying straight away! Its all very exciting!
  • hi everyone, im almost exactly the same as you fallenangel. im getting married in may, was going to wait until after the wedding to TTC, but i figured it would take a while so we decided to come off the pill on 28th jan, had my first AF on sun. so bring on month 2! lol. glad we are all in the same boat i love having people to chat to about it! people as baby mad as me! lol xxxx
  • Me too, me too! image

    Well almost... i took my last pill at the end of December, after being on Mycrogynon for about 13 years, had my first real af 35 days later on 5th february. Second af came a bit earlier, 21 days later on 25th february (this one definitely took me by suprise!), so not soo sure what it's going to do this month, i'm sort of hoping it'll be getting back to a 28 day cycle.

    I must admit i find it really weird not knowing when it's due to arrive, i was so regular when i was on the pill, new down to the hour when it would she would come!

    Forgot to say, husband and i are looking to start ttc in May too image Cannot wait!!!!!
  • Hi Ladies, Newbie here!
    I stopped in Jan after 10 years on the pill and feel great! I was really nervous about it, but it feels good to have your own body back. We were planning to wait until May, but are having a mini TTC at the moment which was a bit of a sudden decision....not sure what caused it but it suddenly felt right! Will be avoiding a Christmas due date though, so assuming this round doesn't work we'll have a break until later in the Spring.
    S x
  • Ok, I think I am officially cracking up! I took my last pill on 2nd Feb (not Jan!), had my normal withdrawal AF which finished 11th Feb and I'm still waiting for anything to happen image

    Keep thinking I've got cramps as if things are going to happen but nothing... Trying not to get stressed and worried as I know it's early days, just so hard not to feel fed up image
  • Thanks image It's just horrible waiting, got a bit upset last night but think it's hard for H2B to understand...

    Feel a bit better that you had the pains for 10 days before it finally happened, keep doubting myself that they're actually there!

    No, not taking either if those, am on a Mother to be set of vit's with some Omega 3. Think I've actually got some Evening Primrose at home so will check later.

    Just hate waiting!
  • hi,
    just wondering how your getting on..the ladies still waiting for AF? hope your not waiing anymore.

    i was reading this thread and sulking longing for my AF....and it came! YEY! i came off on 28th Jan and had AF 10th March. I had to come off the pill couple of years ago and took almost a year to return to normal so a happy happy chap this time!

    Seems like there is alot of us who are going to start trying in May...which will be exciting...its getting closer!!

  • Mine came this morning after 29 days which is great after being on the pill for 8 years I thought it may have taken forever to come! I have had bad cramps and headaches but I got them when I was on the pill anyway so not much change apart from a spotty chin grrrr!! xx
  • Hiya
    I came off Microgynon after nearly 9 years on 31st December. I had my first AF last week - much to my relief - and it really is difficult waiting... We've started trying straight away now though image xx
  • Must have been such a relief Beckiwg23 - still no joy on mine after 40 days image

    Went to talk to the nurse at the doctors today at the end of an appointment about something else and she was totally useless.

    Fingers crossed for you image
  • I'm still waiting day 80 something trying not to count anymore!!
    Have drs appointment on Friday as now getting concerned. Got bfn as thought Id check before drs but knew it would be. I'm still taking cactus Angus but doesn't seem to be helping.
    Still i've not been thinking about it too much as no point in dwelling on it.
    Good luck everyone baby dust to you all x
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