I've been jabbed!

Went to the doctors last week about the Rubella thing and after much too-ing and fro-ing was booked in again today to have a blood test to see if I'm still immune to Rubella. Also got booked in to have the swine flu vaccination as I'd been invited to have it due to a history of chest infections.

So anyway got there today and the nurse was like - why are you having this jab. So explained we wanted to have a baby next year and nurse had recommended that because I'd had the invitation I might as well have it now before I fall pregnant and then I don't have to deal with the issue of whether to have it or not when I do fall. So she turned around and said well you're not allowed it then imageimageimage

Argued alot with them and said regardless of my plans, they'd bloomin invited me in the first place - I hadn't just turned up!!!!!!!! So ... I now have a sore arm from the jab, and they said I had to have the normal flu one too lol!
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