Any Advice????

Hi all!!!

I'm a total newbie here and was just wondering if any of you have any advice. I had my mirena coil removed this morning ready for TTC. The problem being I am getting really anxious about things now. This will be our first baby, and although I realise it could be a while before we concieve I'm starting to panic that I know absolutely nothing about pregnancy, babies and things like that!!! I have spent the last 2 weeks scouring the internet looking at baby sites, products etc etc but am finding it all a bit overwhelming!

I have a lot of friends with young babies and children, but at the moment we don't want to tell anyone we are TTC, so can't get any advice from then. I just want to be as prepared as possible for when it does happen!

Thanks xxx


  • hello

    all of the forums on here are fab for advice, i often pop into other forums for a nosey, i also found a few books quite helpful, when i had my son last year we were th first in our group to fall pregnant so it was all pretty new,

    good luck
  • hi tilly!!!

    so we're newbies together!! image

    thanks for ur reply too re mirena! my mind is more at ease now!

    I'm in same boat as u too - we're not telling anyone we're ttc and just in the tentative stages of planning to try to get pregnant lol like u, i''ve been doing my reading on cycles (i am USELESS with mine!! lol) and supplements and diet....and starting to feel a little overwhelmed too!

    in the meantime though, all the best to you and i hope we can chat soon! image
  • Thanks piggypops, have been having a good nosey around!

    Lemon_pie - to be honest we aren't even looking at cycles right now, we're just seeing how things go, its not a problem if it takes a while for us. I've just started taking folic acid though. Keep in touch! Will be nice to chat to someone in the same situation xxxxx
  • first time round I think you completely just learn as you go, youre taking folic acid already which is one of the most important things!
    I wouldnt worry about cycles or anything we didnt with our first and fell pregnant after a oouple of months, just dont stress and enjoy the babymaking!!
    We are going to start ttc our 2nd in july/aug and I think 2nd time round I am completely overthinking it and planning too much to fit around our son :P
    Good luck and maybe enjoy a few boozy nights before you start as they are few and far between once you have kids xx
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