Coming Off The Pill? Any Advice?


I'm only 18 years of age, but after college i would like to begin TTC (I know that's another 2 years but...)
I am on the pill "Dianette" for my skin, and i was wondering if anyone could give me any advice about coming off it.

I've been taking it for just over 1 year. I would like to stop taking it soon as i've heard the horror stories about how long it takes to concieve after coming off it. I'm a sensible girl, and i don't sleep around and i'm good with taking precautions.

To be specific:
If i was to come off, would i bleed right away, and how long for?
Will my skin end up going bad again, and if so what can i take to hide this?
I would prefer to keep coming off the pill a secret from my parents so i really need to hide the fact that i have. i know that it's wrong to decieve them, but it's my choice when i have a baby, and i would rather them not know i'm trying until i am!

Sorry about rambling :P Please help!! Thankyooou



  • hello and welcome to planning a baby

    i was put on that pill at 16 due to bad skin and for me when stopping i had long cycles for 40+ days until we concived 11 month after i stopped taking it, ther are women who end up with long cycles but there are many more than go on to concive first month off the pill, it will not necesarily take longer for you, i also go my bad skin back too :\(

    when you stop you will have a normal withdrawel bleed then you will be into your first pill free cycle, it may be 4 weeks to get your next period or maybe slightly longer/shorter. if you are thinking about 2 years away it might be worth coming off it 6 months prior to TTC which should be plenty to get your cycles in order

    i didnt tell my parents we were TTC, infact it was only the ladies on here that new, well my hubby of course and i was 25 at the time, i didnt want the pressure of being asked if it had happend yet and didnt want any unwelcome opinions either,

    might be worth having a chat with your GP or family planning to see if they can offer any advice, you will need to get some folic acid to ideally start 3 months before TTC too

    good luck, might be worth having a peek over in the chat room rules for the abbreviations list

    good luck image
  • hiya,

    i've just come off the pill and am waiting for my true period to arrive. i've jus got married at the age of 24 and haven't told my parents or friends either cuz it puts pressure on us. me and my hubby are keeping it between ourselfs. we decided to give myself a few months to get my body back to normal, i must admit i'm curious of the unknown, i was on the pill for 8 years. sadly i wasnt on that pill you are on but feel all pills are pretty much the same and its our bodies that make the decision when to start normally again which makes it difficult for u ladies.i agree with piggypops to give yourself abit of time before you want to ttc. i think whats nice is the ladies on here are very kind and understanding. we are not on our own, i wish you all the best when you do come off and any questions we are all here.

    mwah xxxx :\)
  • Thankyou both of you image

    I will check out that abbreviations list image

    I think i will have a chat with my GP nearer the time i'm TTC image which i will have to do anyway as i recently found out i'm a carrier of bacterial meningitis which i will need to take precautions for. image

    Nice to hear people are in a similar boat image

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