sorry to 'but' in...

But could i ask your opinion please Ladies?

Im having my implant removed on tuesday to start TTC, Dr reccomend use condoms for a while until ive had my first period as it makes things easier to chart etc...but i dont know if i have the patience to wait!

Would you make thing easier for dates. or just get stuck in....

Many thanks, Lea xx


  • I think I would just follow my heart on that one even if it makes the Dr's job harder to work out the dates. I don't think I could be patient....xx

  • i wouldnt wait, just means you wont have an accurate EDD until your 12 week scan dont make a difference really as most peoples estimated EDD are different from the dating scans anyway mine was 2 weeks out from my predicted!

    good luck x
  • I wouldn't wait either!! I'd just start trying...
    Like piggypops said the EDD is very rarely accurate...everone I know is more or less a week or so either way...

    If your desperate to start trying then go for it!! I definetely would!!
    Good Luck Hun xxx
  • Thanks for your opinion ladies, i dont think i cant wait either! They canged my date last time anyways!! xx
  • It will make it harder for you to know when you ovulate or when to test and if it takes a while until your first peiod it might make it very stressful.

    There is also a slight increase in the chance of miscarriage if you get pregnant straight after stopping hormonal contraceptive -it is better to wait for your next cycle so that your lining of your womb has chance to properly prepare itself for a pregnancy.

    Good luck TTC.

    Dolly x
  • Is that actually true that there is an increased chance of miscarriage? My GP told me the only reason to wait was for dating reasons so she recommended that I start ttc immediately if I wanted to. And I got pregnant first month of trying! I was then also told by more than one medic that there is often a surge in fertility after stopping the pill (so it's not just the implant Wanna-Bump!)

    Guess it's a judgement call but I've just come off the pill again and we've started ttc straight away.

    Good luck!
  • I checked out some scientific papers there isn't much out there, a couple of studies suggest a slight increase but with it not being significant.

    I really thought that this should have been researched more throughly by the pharma companies but if it is they aren't publishing it!

    Dolly x

    The paper is quite old an takes about the oral contarceptive pill

    Int J Epidemiol. 1980 Mar;9(1):49-56.
    Spontaneous foetal losses in women using different contraceptives around the time of conception.
    Harlap S, Shiono PH, Ramcharan S.
  • I don't have any medical research that says there is a surge after coming off the pill, just what the medics told me. I had quite a few problems early on in my pregnancy with a suspected ectopic. So spoke to a lot of doctors around that time. Whenever I said I got pregnant first month off the pill I was told about the apparent surge in fertility. So it was a general thing for the combined pill, not specific to the one I was on. But I have no idea if there is actually any science behind what I was told!

    I would take that paper with a pinch of salt to be honest... all kinds of things carry a small risk. If they didn't show a significant increase in miscarriage then the research suggests no identifiable risk so actually they prove it's safe... Certainly the current thinking seems to be that hormones in the pill leave your system very quickly when you stop taking it (which is why you can get pregnant from one missed pill) so it wouldn't be expected to affect a pregnancy.

    I know that others may not agree with this from personal experience or anecdotal evidence and if you don't want to risk it then you are making the right choice for yourself. Personally, I am happy that it is safe to try straight away and that is what we are doing again this time round.
  • Thanks for the info girls and link, Its a bit of a dated study too as you said yourself. I would hope if medical science knew that getting pregnant straight off contraception increased risk of m/c that the Doctors should tell you this, not just that its easier for dating...cause lets be realistic (sp) somebody wanting to TTC isnt really gonna wait to 'make things easier' for the dating! they just want that BFP! Well i mhaving my implant out on tuesday, so will ask her then if she feel it can increase the risk of a m/c (and will report back to you all!)

    Maybe ill see you in TTC Wanna-Bump!! Best of luck to you all when for when you start TTC =)

    Lea xx
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