it didnt work :(

I am stilllll broooody. I was really hoping the programme would qwell the broodyness. But big surprise, it didn't.

AND it was my local hospital. I could cry (again). I want to start ttc NOW. Not sit about waiting for a better time. But i feel selfish.
ARGH (goes in search of more chocolate)


  • i know....feel the same....didnt manage to put me off either.
    when you thinking of trying? we just dont know going round in circles of when the best time is....think doing it by accident last time cut out alot of the stress ha.
    creme eggs my choc of choice at the moment always reliable to cheer me up!
  • lol creme eggs (drools a little)
    we're thinking of starting to try this summer, as we need to move in sept so.... start in may time and see how it goes!!
    Excitement!! image how about yourself?
  • complicated for various reasons....including a potential trip to brazil to see family(not sure when exactly tho) plus thinking of not sure but i fancied beginning to try april may. Came off the pill last month hoping my cycles will regulate in time! so exciting!! xxx
  • oooh exciting. I have never been on the pill so dont know what it entails but sounds annoying!
    We were supposed to be going to chicago next july but we've decided if we get pregnant this summer we wont be going! Not a problem image
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