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Balling my eyes out....

I was woken up early hours this morning approximately 3.30 by dogs barking; me being an animal lover had a look out the window as it sounded like they were in pain. My OH is working away in Scotland so keep a baseball bat by the bed for my paranoia ha. I saw two charvers with white dogs at the top of the street and they walked away. Samson my cat curled up at my feet and we went back to sleep. I now so wish i had got up and confronted them with a baseball bat round their necks as walking to work this morning i was getting up to the place where they were and could see something black lying on the floor and in my horror realised it was a black cat with a pink collar dead. It had two massive slaver patches on its body and sharp realised that those charvers had been goading their dogs to kill this poor cat. I burst into tears on the street and immediately felt guilty. I hate anything like that and that is why Samson is a house cat. I headed towards my parents in tears and Dad gave me a lift to work. I can't stop thinking about that poor cat.

I wish I had checked its collar to see if their was an address to take it back to the owner. I would be devastated if it was Samson just lying there. I can't concentrate at work and want to go home to give Samson a hug. I am an emotional wreck. How could anyone stand there and watch their dogs do that I just can't get my head round it! :cry::cry::cry:

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  • Oh shoegal I do hope your ok!
    It must of been so awful seeing something like that. I hate seeing anything like that too.
    Its a good job you didn't go and confront them cause you can never be too careful now adays, and they obviously got pleasure out of torturing that poor defenceless animal.
    Aw I feel sick just thinking about it.
    Do you have any idea who these guys were or just complete strangers? I was thinking maybe you could ring the police....
    If you see them again whatever you do, don't confront them, walk past and phone the police. And don't feel guilty at all. Its not your fault!! And like i said before, you would of put yourself in sooo much danger.

    I really hope you feel ok shoegal.
    Dani x
  • Jelly_tots / Wanna-Bump - I am such a softy with animals and really hate things like that. I think the punishments are really soft for people who are cruel to animals. I was half asleep when I looked out of the window so not sure I would recognise them again. I know it would have been stupid to confront them, just wish I could have helped the poor thing. It wouldn't have stood any chance against those dogs. I am not sure whether they were those racing dogs or some other breed but it must have been them as it was the same spot and to have the slaver in two places...poor thing. I didn't recognise them as they were a distance away plus I am short sighted. Its possible though that I would recognise them...they must be from the area. I would report it but not sure how helpful I would be. I will see if there is a special number for that kind of thing, sure there was to report nuiscance behaviour that kind of thing.

    I think Samson will be getting a tin of tuna for his tea tonight, he hangs off the cupboard doors when I open a tin ha. He isn't one for hugs and he has to initiate it but I am afraid he will have to lump it tonight ha.

    Here is my little man:

    It doesn't help with me being poorly to start with and hormonal (due to finish my pill Thurs so AF on Mon). Thanks girls for responding. Trying to take my mind off it by attempting work but have been on this website for ages oops :\)

  • Oh my god, some people are just beyond nasty....I hope someone someday gives them the same treatment as they gave that poor animal.

    Sick sick sick.

    Hope you are ok though shoegal.....I agree with the other girls, its best that you hadnt gone out there....who knows what they would have been capable of.

  • How awful! Some people are just sick... I have 3 cats and the thought of someone deliberately letting their dogs do that to them makes me feel really ill.... And, as wannabump said, once they've got a taste for blood, how are they going to be around small children?? Sick b*[email protected]??&s!

    I agree that it may be worth reporting them to the police because it may not be a one off. You may not have seen much, but you know they were white dogs etc and it may help.

    Hope you're ok anyway and big cuddles to Samson! xx
  • Traskls - I keep filling up everytime I think about it. I know I wouldn't have given myself any thought if I had known what they were up to. I would love for people like that to be given the same treatment, I would gladly do it for free as animal cruelty just gets under my skin so much.

    racheybaby123 - I think that is why it has affected me so much because the cat looked exactly like Samson poor thing but was female (had a pink collar). I just can't bare to think if it had been Samson. Like I said though he is a house cat and is soooo staying that way for that reason! I am willing time to pass quicker so I can go home and see him.

    Just to update you all, I have reported it on line to the police. I have explained that there isn't much more that I can add but they are welcome to contact me via email. I just thought if it was Samson I would like to think someone would do the same thing. If it is still there when I walk back down from work I will check its collar (was too distressed this morning to think straight) and see if it has an address etc and see if I can take it back to the owner.

  • Hi Shoegal, i've only just seen your thread (tying to avoid comign on here all the time so i can keep my broody brain off babies! tee hee

    i'm so sorry, what a horrid shock for you.
    like the other girls said it is better you didn't go and confront them, your other half would have not wanted to do that!

    things like this really upset me and i can completely understand how upsetting this is.
    did you hear back from the police at all?
    you did the right thing.

    don't worry, those chavs will get whats coming to them

    hugs xxxx
  • Hi septemberdreams - Put it this way my cat Samson has been getting even more attention and because my OH is away he has joined me on the bed every night (when OH is home he must be too fidgety as he doesn't sleep on the bed then). He thoroughly loved his tin of tuna too.

    I didn't hear back from the police as I had said I didn't have anything further to add. I did notice police on the beat yesterday in the area.

    Let's hope they do get what they deserve as that kind of thing really gets under my skin. Punishment for that kind of thing should be more severe! Rant over ha ha xx

  • OMG! i just actually sat at my desk and cried reading your post!!

    people like that should be lined up and shot!! if anyone did that the my kittens i think id actually kill them, ther like my little fur babies!!

    i hope they get what they deserve one day and those awful dogs turn on there owners!!

  • i am g/c but i am crying at your post :cry:
    My cat goes out at night but OMG i never thought of people doing things like this to my poor cat xx
    gems :cry:
  • i am g/c but i am crying at your post :cry:
    My cat goes out at night but OMG i never thought of people doing things like this to my poor cat xx
    gems :cry:
  • lisaanne23 - That is exactly what I was like everytime I thought about it that day. I am that way when I read any story like this too. I feel exactly the same way about my cat Samson who is coming up to 3 in August. I am getting a new kitten soon too. I just can't think what must go through their head to do something like that.

    P.S. sorry I made you cry at your desk (I am assuming you are at work) xx

  • Haha yeah im at work (also thanking god its friday lol), my boss asked what was wrong, i let her read the post and she cried too lol

    its just so awful, you hear all these stories but you never think its gonna be you who witnesses it image

    awww thats so sweet! mine are like 9 months now so hardly kittens anymore but they will always be my little babies image there brothers too, (angus and jasper) i dont think im gonna let them go outside at night, but at the minute there too scared to even go out the back door lol

  • You are lucky, everytime my boss comes in i keep minimising the screen down so they can't see what I am doing ha and have a strategically placed fluffy toy hiding the bar at the bottom.

    I have never let Samson go outside, purely for that reason alone but did have a lot to do with the fact I lived on the 2nd floor of a flat so refused to go up and down the stairs to let him out. He is scared of the wind when I open the window but now I have moved in with OH I had been letting him out in the garden but keeping an eye on him. He loves rolling on the concrete floor! I so wish back when I got Samson I had got his sister too for company for him. My OH's cousin has told us that there is a tiger stripe grey kitten coming up for sale soon so think we are getting that one (we both fancy that colouring). God knows what Samson will be like with it! xx

  • Yeah im very lucky, shes a lovely lady image if it was a man i wouldnt dare do it lol

    aww that sounds so cute! i bet he likes the fresh air image yeah the reason we got them both is so they have company while me and oh are at work image

    ooo i love grey cats! angus looks just like samson and jasper is ginger and stripey and very very fluffy (you cant wear black near him lol)

    im sure they will get on fine once theyve got to no each other image


  • Well she isn't really my boss anymore but is still based in the next office. I sound busy typing these posts though ha ha. He is daft as a brush and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is not one for hugs unless he iniates them. Hoping another kitten will make him a bit more prone to me picking him up all the time ha ha. When he was a kitten he used to sleep round my neck and I miss that.

    Ah your two sound cute! I've made myself excited about getting another now!! xx

  • yeah i always make myself look busy!

    awwww he sounds adorable! i remember when i first got mine and they wouldnt leave me alone! there still pretty needy but they like to run wild around the house now! i always get a cuddle on lots of purring on a night though image

    lol its making me want more! maybe i should stick to kittens instead of trying for a baby lol

  • I am maybes not giving him enough credit...he does sleep on the bed when OH is away but at my feet. I pick him up when I get in from work and put him over my shoulder and he purrs and rubs his head on my cheek. But if I was to pick him up and put him on my lap he would jump off unless he had jumped up himself. He does have a funny habit of joining you in the bathroom when I am on the loo ha ha.

    There is nothing better than the sound of a kitten/cat purring think it is so therapeutic!

    Nearly home time for me thank god. The afternoon has slowly ticked over. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  • Sorry to interrupt, but one of my three is a ginger boy called jasper! Sorry, too excited by that, I know! xxx
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