going for it

well haven't posted for a while but had though of trying come June/July but was then hit with my husband's redundancy end of March so thought it might be better to wait. Well I had already decided to come off the pill for health reasons, so just decided to not specifically ttc but just not bother with condoms or anything and just see what happens

I am a bit worried about finances and am hoping something will come up on the job front soon, but don't think postponing our family plans is going to make much difference really. I bf last time and plan to again and as baby will beour second I've got loads of maternity clothes and baby clothes put away, not nearly as much cost involved this time round.

wonder if its sensible really


  • Hello,

    Its difficult - there always seems to be something that means its not the perfect timing!

    This may sound naive, but I imagine it will be easier finance wise second time around? Like you said, you have a lot of the stuff already, and also probably know what's essential/what you can do without. Like I said, could be naivity on my part though!
  • No I think you're right, obviously as the baby gets older more costs will come into it but you can only hope that by that time things will have picked up, might be me being a little naive there haha

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