need some advice :)

im a mum of 3 and hubby has started talking about no.4. Am not sure and could do with some advice! If i go ahead i will have 3 under 5!! Im sure loads of you have been through the same thing, how much harder was it with 4? Help!!!:\?


  • 3 under 5 must be really hard work. Are you a full time Mam? I have no advice really just didn't want to read and run... I am coming off my pill 29th April and TTC straight away for my first so I have no advice really but maybes talk your worries through with your hubby.... Good luck xx

  • it will be hard work but think of a the bond your children will have.
    hey i have started trying for another baby, i have a 4year old. feeling nauesa and tired but still 2wks before period so dont no whats going on if i am or not help.
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