Can't believe it......

hubs has been home now for 2 weeks and today I do a test and I'm 4 weeks pregnant! I'm still in shock, it must have worked first weekend as we have been staying with family for one week! I'm going to phone the doc tomorrow to see if i need to have it confirmed. My last doc said i had to send in a sample.

Keep you posted.
lol. xxxx


  • Yay!!!!!

    Oh huge congratulations for you both

    How exciting, i remember you saying April was your one chance and it's turned outto be a lucky month for you !!!
  • Congratulations!! Thats great news x x
  • Congratulations
    that is brill new
  • Congratulations Marie!
  • That's fantastic Marie, Congratulations to you.
  • Well done Marie, huge congratulations to you xx
  • Wow a real big CONGRATULATIONS marie,thats wonderful news.
  • Thats wonderful news Marie.
    Congratulations to you all.
    Take care
  • Fabulous news Marie! Am so happy for you, what good timing you must have. Take care of yourself and enjoy this exciting time. You must all be so thrilled. Lots of love xxx
  • Congratulationa Marie!!!

    How strange that our OH's come home for a few weeks and we both catch whilst they are home! We have far les opportunity than most couples!!

    Well Done, I am made up for you both!!
  • Thats 2 so wheres the 3rs quick reciever.LOL
  • Wow, well done, thats fantasric, you must be thrilled.

    hope all is going well for you.
    kas xx
  • congrats hun x
  • Congratulations i am so thrilled for you both. xx
  • Thanks girls. I still can't believe it! I phone the docs on monday, they said I didn't need to have test confirmed but I will see the doc next week for a talk on midwife etc. Hope we get back to dover soon, I'd like the baby there. Jake overheard me talking on the phone and now keeps saying baby sister. I asked if he'd like a baby brother or sister, and he says sister. He said share baby, toast. How cute is that. Now he says baby milk instead. When I was home last he tried to share his biscuit with my cousins baby.

  • Marie that is really sweet. We were in the pub talking to one of Ian's friends a few weeks ago, and a little girl came over to see Hollie. She must have only been about 18months old, and she was eating chewy sweets. Her mother asked if she was ok to see her, so i said yes, but then she took the sweet out of her mouth and put it in Hollie's. Ian had a job pulling it out because Hollie liked the sweetness of it, he had to turn her over and hook it out. When he managed to get it out, Hollie was poking her tongue out to lick her lips. The little girl didnt understand so came back over and tried to give her another one. It was sweet that she was sharing her sweets but so dangerous.
  • Oh bless! They just don't quite understand it do they. I keep saying to Jake he must share his toys etc if say friends come round with kids and so thinks he must with babies too.
  • WOW Marie - CONGRATULATIONS!! Thats such fab news!!!

  • Well mines works at one of the industrail estates so i have him home every night and all weekend.He gets a shock when i tell him to pee of down the pub with his mates.LOL
  • Hiya Marie

    Mine is in the Navy too!!! He's currently on a survey ship which is in Falmouth but will be heading out to Africa in a few weeks.
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