Hubs and I had slightly drunken upsi last night! I think i'm ovulating as well but not sure, I have EWCM but I don't know if my cycle is still sorting itself out after coming off the pill in August. If it's 28 days long i'm due on next week so I don't know if I am ovulating and have a short post ovulation phase (is is the leutal phase?) or i'm not actually going to come on for a couple of weeks because my cycle is still a bit irregular.

Either way fingers crossed lol! I know superdrug tests are very sensitive, how soon would one show as positive?


  • I think it should show on the first day of your missed AF (they say they will work earlier - but you are more likely to get a false BFN) so I would test next week.

  • Well I haven't come on so far so either I am pregnant or my cycles a bit funny and i'll come on next week. Going to test on Wed or Thu, got a twin pack of tests so if I get a BFN first time i've got another for Sun when i'd be due on.

    Gosh that was long winded! I'm a bit worried if I am pregnant because i've been really ill so been on cough/cold stuff, had a couple of drinks (5 small ones in the last week), caffinated tea and stilton! I've not done very well but I thought that the chances are SO small i'd feel like a right t*t if I made such a big fuss. Of course if I am i'll be on a massive guilt trip. I'll keep you all updated!
  • aww plumduff, fingerscrossed for a bfp. don't feel guilty if u are, i didn't find out until i was 6 weeks (was a surprise, were'nt ttc) and it was my birthday the week before i got my bfp so u can imagine how much i drank then lol, plus i was living in belgium so it was unpasteurised cheese and pat???? galore. aslong as u don't overdo it from bfp in then really don't beat urself up. xx
  • Thank you siany! I've got my fingers very firmly crossed but really trying not to get my hopes up, the chances are miniscule!
  • tested this morning it was a BFN but i'm staying positive, it's still early so if AF hasn't turned up by Sunday i'll test again. But also i'm thinking if i'm not then at least i'll be able to have a few drinks over xmas!
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