Fed up, again!

Well, you may remember my 'feel like something out of alien post'. Not quite that bad this month, but pretty rough again. Sure this ttc lark wasn't as hard with the last 2!
I had just settled into a 31 day cycle and now I am on day 33 and no AF. Done pg test BFN. Have had all the PMT signs for about 2 weeks, biting everyones head off and shouting, sore boobs tummy aches, lower back pain but no AF! This makes it so difficult to work out next lot of ovu dates and believe it or not sick of trying to cram in as much sex as poss! Any advise or encouragement or anything......please?!?


  • For your engorgement try a warm/hot flannel on them to help soften them.It worked for me when i was brestfeeding,i no your not but it may help.

    Hope you feel better soon,big cyber hugs.(((..)))
  • Just wanted to send big hug, know how completely frustating it is to try everything and still nothing works. I used to hate having sex towards the end cos felt like what was the point but You WILL get there x x x
  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you are feeling rough again this month. I am also ttc number 2 and because i am b/feeding i dont know where i am. I have already done 4 tests since having Hollie because i thought i was pg but all came back as bfn. I know how frustrating it can be but like Sarah says you will get there.
    I havent yet had a af since having Hollie so dont even know if i am ovulating or when. But like you i have abdominal pain, nausea which usually means my af is on its way, headache, snapping at Ian loads and i also have a bad back. So i hope i get my af soon so i know i am at least back to normal, especially now she is on solids.

    Sorry that is long, just wanted to let you know you arent alone. We all know how frustrating ttc can be, fingers crossed for you.

    Karen xx
  • Ok im with all the other abreivations(sp) but what is af.
  • aunt flow (period)
  • Cheers thanks simone i would have never guessed that one.
    I thought it was something real technical.
  • Hi pauline

    Just wanted to give you big hugs!!
    TTc is so frustrating but you will get there in the end and it will be so worth it xxx
  • Thanks ladies, still no af but tummy blown up to the size of a hot air balloon.
  • Awww Pauline - poor you

    Really hope something happens so that either way you would know.

    This TTC lark isn't much fun at times
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