I'm new too!!!

Hi carmel and welcome! Good luck with ttc number 3. I'm sarah mum to jd, (we were ttc for 3 years) Will chat soon x


  • Hi Carmel
    Im Emma mum to Riley.
    All the best with ttc3.
  • Hi Carmel,

    I'm Sarah - welcome to PP - me and my hubby are ttc#1 - this site is so fab for chats or a moan!

    Look forward to talking to you soon
  • Hi Carmel, welcome to pp. i joined today as well. Im stacey mum to bayley and about to ttc no2.

    Look forward to chatting to you soon
  • Hi Carmel and Stacey welcome to PP! Carmel how old are your others and what are their names? Stacey how old is Bayley?

    Im Nicola and mum to Tom, Tate and Luka. Look forward to chatting more soon!
  • Hi Carmel

    Welcome to PP!!
    Sending baby dust your way!!! I seem to have an excess, I wish I could bottle it and sell it!!!
  • Hi Carmel

    Welcome to PP!!!!
    I'm Dawn, mummy to Cameron who's 13 months.

    Good luck ttc!!!
    Take care xx
  • Hi Carmel.

    I'm Sally and I'm expecting twins in October.

    Good luck ttc.

  • Hi Nicola, bayley will be 4 at the end of july.
  • Hi Carmel
    Sorry seem to have missed this post
    Welcome to pp
    My name is Simone and i am mum to Jessica

    Hope to chat soon
  • Hi Carmel,

    welcome to PP, good lcuk ttc. I'm Karen and mami to Hollie. xx
  • Welcome to pp
    'm Tasha, mummy to Ethan and amber
    Hope to chat more soon
  • Lol! Carmel you too!
    Your little one is a simlar age to Amber, how's he getting on?
    What are your childens names? xx
  • Hiya Carmel, i hope Charlies appointment goes well tomorrow and they are able to help, it can't be nice for him to haev problems with his ears. We're enjoying amber at this stage too, i can't believe how much she can understand, i swear she thinks she's 3 like her big brother she has no interest in her baby toys and simply wants to play fight with 'the big boys'!!!

    Ambers had some problems since she was born too, she has severe intolerances and until 3 months ago, tolerated no solids at all and also became intollerant to her soya milk so is now on a specialist manufactured milk. she's doing so much better lately though and is now eating 6 foods so things are getting easier

    How does Rubie enjoy being a big sister?!

    hope to chat more soon, tasha xx
  • Do you know when your most fertile times are because i have a website you can go to and find out i did and i fell pregnant within a couple of months it will be due feb 09 .If you would like me to send it to you just say and i will ok.baby dust to you xx
  • Hi

    Would love it if you could possibly send it to me too

    Cheryl x
  • Hi there again just sending you the web address as promised it is.WWW.BABY2SEE.COM good luck x
  • Thanks will have a look too
  • Hi did i send you the web address i have got a little confused who i have sent it to
    i got baby brain lol
  • you sent it to me thanks
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