my ba!!!!!!!!

just to let u allknow vinnie was born half 2 this morning after a quick labour!!!
will write my bs wen i get home, gotta stay in till 2moz coz of last time but so happy
btw he was8pond11!!!
hope u all well

lisa and vinnie 12 hrs oldxxx


  • Oh wow, wow ,wow, WOW- congratulations lisa I am so very happy for you, vinnie and frankie what lovely names together. 8lb11 my goodness I don't know how you managed that as a quick delivery. Our first rainbow baby YAY X
  • Oh my god, I'm reduced to tears of joy! I'm so happy for you! And what a lovely name and great birth weight! Congratulations to all of you! Xxx
  • Omg that was quick!! WELLDONE YOU. Massive congratulations to you all.... Very happy for you image xxx
  • Omg, well done, what a big boy!!! Take care and huge congratulations Lisa xxx
  • Fantastic news, huge congratulations to you and your other half!! I really shouldn't read these things in work, I'm filling up as i type!! So very happy for you xx
  • well done hunni soooo ahppy for u really happy cant wait to meet mine now ps love the name xxx
  • Well done Lisa! I am so pleased to read that Vinnie has arrived safely, and a good weight too! Enjoy every minute.
    Love George, x
  • Congratulations x
  • I'm g/c but I just wanted to say a huge congratulations. I do read alot of the posts in here and know how much you all deserve your babies. Enjoy every second image x
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