So far....

...So good but omg am I having to work for it!
I had a scan last week and all was good at 14+3 so I'm past the mmc stage and I had a hb check yesterday at 15weeks and it was there YAY.
I'm finding it really hard as the further along I get the more hopeful it looks but I also am so aware that once I pass 16weeks should anything happen it's an induced labour experience again which scares the hell out of me.
I am going through yet another load of infections, antibiotics and checks etc which is very frustrating but as long as I get to hold this baby in my arms to take home at the end of this I don't care what pregnancy throws at me but I had kind of hoped that aside from the emotional stress I'd have an easier ride grr!
The consultant ATM has promised regular checks and I'm getting another on 3/6 which can't come quick enough. I've still not told anyone aside from our parents that I'm pregnant as I keep feeling I need to wait until I'm a little further along which I hate but at the same time I'm not ready to get the excited 'congratulations' when I'm a bit of a nervous wreck!

Hope all of you are doing well with newborns (yay lisa image), pregnancies, ttc and just living. Take care X


  • Hi w4b,

    Its nice to hear from you and to know that all is well with both of you. Just keep doing what you're doing and the time will start to fly by soon. As time passes, i hope that you will find it easier to enjoy/relax your pregnancy but deep down i know how hard this must be for you as i can imagine if it was me how i'd be feeling.

    I'm glad that the consultant is keeping a close eye on things, reassurance is everything. I hope that your infections aren't too bad and that you start to feel better soon.

    We're just getting by still, had our house valued yesterday which was positive so we'll be making some big decisions soon. I've also had my 1st af which wasn't so bad, it seemed how it used to be so fingers crossed i go back to my old cycle.

    Take care of yourself xxx
  • I can't believe you're 15 weeks already, you know i'm sure with Angel and Ewan we were only about 6/7 weeks apart, how strange it's happened again. It's obviously meant to be this time!!

    I know what you mean about passing 16 weeks, I was thinking the worst 2 weeks before my last scan and had a good cry to my OH about going through labour again with no end result. I think we're programmed to think this way now unfortunately. But we must think positive and we are all going to follow Lisa's footsteps very soon and bring home healthy babies. Keep us posted on how you're getting on xx
  • Hi, so glad everything is going well for you. It doesn't get any easier though the further on you get does it? I'm still as petrified now (if not more) than when I first found out I was pregnant again. Hopefully the extra checks will help to put your mind at ease. I know when I go for an app, I always come away thinking that at least everythings ok at the moment!! Its hard to stay positive but I guess we all have to try.
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Oh katy that's exactly how I feel ' I'm glad it's ok today but then what about in an hours time or tomorrow or aaaarrrggh!'
    thank you everyone for your well wishes, I'm trying my hardest to stay positive and am loving every icky side effect as I know it's a good sign- in fact I almost wish for more, lol! I'm really appreciating all the extra checks as I'm driving myself insane so I dread to think how I'd be feeling if i'd just got the standard 12 and 20 checks!
    Sh!- really glad your body is showing signs of normality and hope you get your hint of happiness shining through very soon, I know this stage is not easy for you (we all do I'm sure) but you will be ok and somehow you'll get through it X
  • Thank you w4b xxx
  • W4B was popping in to see sohappy & saw your post.

    Im glad that your being well looked after by the cons. We cant be that far apart hun, I like you have had untold appts but am thankful for them, im almost 14 wks & have had 4 scans seen cons 3 times & heard babys hb twice.

    I hope that the infections clear up soon my love.

    Lots of love to you xxx
  • hiya!
    glad things r going well, glad u getting extra checks... so u should! even just 4 peace of mind!
    what infections r u talking about ?
    i only ask bcoz i was treated for infections even when i didnt have any just to be on the safe side and i had an antibiotic vaginal cream to insert once a week every month?
    never herd of anyone else having it before and i even posted about it but to no avail!
    anyway not long till next check up!
    things r ticking along nicely for u im pleased to hear and hopefully wont be long till u can announce ure news!!!
    take care
    Lisa xx
  • Thank you all, I've just had another scan and baby still with hb at 16+3, I'm so pleased but anxious to be into the 'induced labour' territory now! Baby wasn't moving much but they said they're not worried, I'm a little worried but I'll take their word for it, hb was obvious so that's got to be good, I was hoping they could tell be the sex as I've an overpowering feeling it's another girl but they refused to commit themselves. Obviously I don't care as long as this one makes it but I'd like to know if I'm right as I had been for the others! I'm now booked in for 20, 28, 34, 38 which is lovely of them, they've done swabs to check for infection but should all be fine, Ive been spoilt with scans this time which is lovely but i've no idea how I'll cope between 20 and 28 lol, I may go to mw for an hb check but she's ALWAYS at least an hr wait which can be infuriating with a toddler in tow lol!
    Lisa, it's not the same, they keep thinking I have Utis, treating them and then the results come back that I didn't- annoying but I'm just glad baby still with me.

    laujai- *********congratulations********* that's fantastic news, I'm glad you're being looked after too and that things are going well image

    I also need to chase up my rh-ve anti d jabs actually as I'm sure I'm meant to have had a letter through by now though, hmmmmmm!

    Hope all of you are keeping well and positive vibes all round x
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