A little worried.....

I know I'm going to stress this pregnancy no matter what but I am feeling so paranoid about every little thing...
Anyway I'm 19weeks on monday and I'm still not feeling any movement.
My last scan was 16weeks and baby was there with hb (but not much movement) so I know it's not been long but I'm peterified of getting to my 20week scan and being told the unthinkable has happened again!
I definitely felt movement with the last two early on (I don't remember with zachariah) and I just thought i'd have felt something by now as it's not my first, maybe the last two were felt because of distress I don't know but I'm panicking a bit.

I just wish this year would hurry up and be done with and baby comes here safe and sound image


  • so sorry to read that this is worrying you - don't really know what to say but it is still early to be feeling things so I have EVERYTHING crossed for you that all will be well in a weeks time at the scan!

    Thinking of you!!!
  • Hi W4B,
    You have every right to feel worried, if it's any consolation i didn't feel movement with the twins until i was nearly 22 weeks and thats with 2 of them in there, and I know I felt movement with Ewan before the 20 week point last time around. I was feeling exactly the same way you are.

    When is your 20 week scan, I know it will be soon if you're nearly 19 weeks (can't believe how quickly the time has gone). Try not to stress yourself, i'm sure everything will be ok, everything is crossed for you xx
  • Hi W4B, you sound just like me, basically paranoid, lol!! I didn't feel much movement with this pregnancy until well after 20wks. I was terrified something was wrong, as all the books tend to say you could feel movement around 18wks, especially if this isn't your 1st baby, and this is my 4th!!
    Every scan I have been to and will go to, I just can't help but think that something is going to be wrong, its bloody awful. I wish I could go back to my happy go lucky, ignorant self where the thought of anything going wrong never entered my head!! (no chance of that I know!) Its natural to worry about everything, and I was exactly the same as you regarding movement. I suppose it just depends on which way the baby is lying and where the placenta is.
    Roll on your 20wk scan. Are you going to find out the sex of your baby?? Keep us posted.
    Take care, Luv, Kathryn xxx
  • Sending you a big hug w4b, I didn't feel any movement when I was pregnant with Jacob until much later than my first pregnancy. I would say to go and see your midwife and get them to check the heartbeat to reassure you though, I'm totally not surprised you are worrying about everything after all you have been through and I am sure they won't mind giving you a check up to put your mind at rest.

  • Hi hun,

    Not been on much but really hoping everything is ok. Thinking of you, fingers and everything else crossed.

    Take care xxx
  • Thank you everyone, this is so darn stressful grrr!
    I have felt the odd movement since this post but obviously I'm still going to be paranoid lol! I would go to the mw but I tried to make an appt and she's usually booked up 3weeks and so I'd see her after the scan, someone did suggest phoning the mw unit but tbh I've just been petrified to go there and then them not find an hb and the whole thing start all over again!!! I don't know what's better anymore, knowing, not knowing or the constant fear!!!!
    Anyway I think we are ok atm and my scan is july1st, I can't wait but who could lol! I do want to find out the sex so hopefully all will be well and we'll get to know very soon, I asked at 16weeks but the sonographer didnt want to commit herself!
    Sh! Thank you so much for replying to my post, I know you've got more than enough to be dealing with yourself and really appreciate it. It's lovely to see all the kind words you've received on here and I really hope that you are doing 'ok' and finding the strength you need to get through this, I've thought of you often x
  • Hi,
    Glad the movements have started, you've got your next scan a week today, I hope this week flies by for you!! I know what you mean about going to the MW unit, I saw my midwife yesterday and I always worry when they go to listen the heartbeats. I see the same midwife everytime so she's the same one that couldn't find Ewan's HB!! Luckily they're both going strong still!! Let us know what sex the baby is, are you hoping for anything in particular, or just a healthy baby!! Take care, Dotty xx
  • 1week I know I just need it now lol! I am just wanting this baby to make it into this world happy and healthy, I don't know it's too hard to explain in a way that makes sense, but either way -this baby, boy or girl is already loved too much and I just want them here image
  • Hang in there w4b and thank you xxx
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