desision has been made

Ok girls well my baby girl will be born on thurs the 10th of june a wk today 4 wks early really scared but hopefully she will be fine , they think she is around 5lb 12oz , which is a great wait if she is , the boys were all only around the 6lb mark and they was all full term , struggerling to sleep worrying about it all but hopefully i'll gwt my happy ending , i'll be in hospital for 3 to 4 days so wont be able to post anything untill i get home unless i can get someone to post something on here on my behalf well thought i'd let u all know take care fingers crossed i hope charlies is lookiong over his mummy and baby sister to get here here safely love vicki x


  • Hi Vicki,

    I'm sure Charlie is looking over all of you and hoping and praying for you that you get your happy ending that you deserve. Good luck with everything, look forward to seeing you post after you bring your daughter into the world, take care xxx
  • Hi Vicki, just wanted to wish you lots of luck and can't wait to hear how it all went. I completely understand how scared you must be, but thats a fantastic weight and I always think little girls are a bit stronger than the boys!!! Its true throughout life aswell really, lol!
    Take care, i'll be thinking of you.
    Luv Kathryn xxx
    P.S. Charlie will always be looking over you, thats what Angels do x
  • Good luck, I know you're scared but she's still got a lot of time on her side and I just know she's a little fighter. You'll both be fine and you're under constant care, how exciting you'll be meeting early. I'm also looking fwd to the ba, take care and best wishes x
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