Pelvic Pain

Hi everyone, just read a message off another topic, sorry, I can't bloody remember who it was now, but they mentioned going for physio as they were having pelvic pain, etc. I have been suffering with this too and I phoned my midwife to ask about it over 3wks ago now, and she said that I wouldn't be suffering from pelvic problems this early on!! I'll be 22wks on Friday!
After I had my daughter (now nearly 11) I suffered from back pain for about 2yrs, and when I eventually got it seen to it was due to a tilted pelvis. I went for physio then, but because my pelvis had sat so long in the tilted position, it just kept slipping back to being tilted after the physio had moved it (which was agony). I mentioned this to my midwife but she still insists its just everything stretching!!
In Asda the other day I couldn't hardly walk, and when I turn over in bed its really painful.
Do you think my midwife is right?? I always feel like i'm bothering her and if she says just take paracetamol once more i'll scream, lol!!
Anyway, hope everyone is ok??
Take care Luv Kathryn xxx
P.S. Do you know where to get the best maternity jeans from?? I spent hours trying on the other day and I still didn't like any. I have a pair off last time from Mothercare, but they just have a ribbed waistband that you can't tighten and no loops for a belt so they keep falling down and I end up with a saggy arse!! lol x


  • That was me.... Ive just got back from my Physio appointment. What you have descriped sounds very similar to what ive been having so i dont know why i got referred and you havent been, espesially considering your previous pelvic problem! I would definatley get another opinion or demand to see a Physio....

    I basically just got a load of exercises to do as expected, also tips on lifting things, getting in and out of cars and posture etc. Just everything i expected to be honest. She also recommended i get one of those 'birthing balls' and gave me exercises to do on that, i think i will because i had a shot on her one and my god it was so comfy! She doesnt think i have scatitia or spd, she thinks my pains are just down to hormonal changes, pelvic pressure and em... bad posture! lol. So i will give all the exercises a bash and see if it makes a differance! But i definatley think you should get yourself a physio appointment, get your silly midwife told! lol... take care xx
  • Oh jeans.... em no advice really. I havent bought any so far. I do have the comfiest pair ever that i bought in my pregnancy with Darcey, they are 'smart' look jeans from 'New look'. Seriously the comfiest things ever, but on the other hand i have the most uncomfy pair of casual maternity jeans also from New look, so i think its just down to luck! I have been living in Leggings xx

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  • I agree, def get another opinion. In my preg with Thomas i got spd but not until i was 37 weeks thank god, it was bloody agony. I used a birthing ball at home as we have 1 that hubby uses to do exercises on, it really did help and towards the end of my preg i used to always sit on it as it took the pressure off. Good luck.

    In terms of jeans, my most comfy were from next and mama n papa's, both places have lots of choice, i'm still wearing mine now as got a bit of a bump still.....hope you get sorted.

    Feeling pretty crap still, today is a month since our Thomas left us, posted in bereavement yest...

    Take care all xxx
  • Thanks for the advice girls, I haven't really been venturing too far, just taking it easy, but i'm going to give my midwife another call, and at least if I see a physio they can tell me exactly whats up. I think i'll get a birthing ball aswell, i've never used one before and it sounds gud!!
    Thanks for the info on jeans, I went shopping yesterday and got a pair from New Look and Next. Haven't tried them on again since getting home but i'll probably end up taking them back knowing me!! Thats all i've been wearing, leggings with my Uggs, but i'm getting sick and want a change. Now my belly button has started sticking out and everyone keeps making comments so I keep wearing a big belt roung my middle!! Apart from my OH, he thinks my sticky out BB is sexy, bless him, he's a rubbish liar!! Lol
    So Sorry, i've replied in Bereavement.
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
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