So fed up :(

I'm 13 weeks tomorrow in theory and last Thursday went to gp with really excessive pain in my back and stomach. Was told it was a uti and given antibiotics- obviously I was a wreck but was calmed down and told uti can't harm baby! Well.... Just phoned up and got results back from sample sent off 'all normal!'
I was beginning to feel slightly more positive and now feel I'm back to square one! The gp is supposed to be calling me back as I don't know if I'm meant to continue the course of antibs & I still have the 'uti' symptoms. My scan is on Monday and it can't come soon enough.....aaaarrrggh :'(


  • Bloody hell, it's rubbish being stuck in limbo like that. I bet if you hadn't phoned then they wouldn't have bothered to call you!! I hope you get positive news when the doc calls back, and i'm sure your scan will be fine on Monday!!
    I can't believe that you are 13 weeks already, hasn't the time really flown by!! Take care and speak soon xx
  • Thanks dotty, well.... They said no need for antibs and come and do another sample as still have symptoms as 'maybe' it wasn't picked up on first sample !!!! I only have a day left of them so think I'll just continue the course based on their 'maybe' as gp had dipped at time and pray like mad it's the right decision. Sorry lots of lovely info there *blush* yes 13 weeks already, it's gone fast and at the same time I just want to be at the announcement if birth stage! Hasn't helped doing 9-10 week wait twice though lol! Secretly hoping they'll give me back my week at scan but at the end of the day as long as we're still progressing I'll be happy imageI am so desperate to see the hb, I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that private scans are so expensive as I want one every week image
    have you tested? Really hoping it's all good for you x

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  • Yes, I tested when I got in from work and I got my BFP!! Fingers crossed it's a sticky one this time!! It's been a bit different this month, I had an implantation bleed a few days ago, i've never had one before so just presumed it was AF about to start, but then nothing after that!! I'm going to wait until i'm at least 6 weeks before calling the midwife, I felt a bit of a ninny last month when i had to call and cancel my appointment!! I'll keep you posted on how i get on, and I really do mean it when I say good luck on Monday, i bet you'll be in tears when you see the heartbeat, I can't wait to get to that stage!! Oh and there's never too much info, as I read somewhere on here, you leave your dignity at the door when you get pregnant!! Speak soon and give us an update on Monday xx
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