How are you all???

A very noesy post here! image

Im just thinking a few of us who are pregnant again musn't have long left!... Lisa.Frankie, you must be getting close to full term?? Is everyone being well look after by consultants/ midwifes? Those who are ttc, how are you getting on?

I am 18 weeks, ( well 19 tomorrow!) everyday counts lol. Got my '20 week' scan on monday. It cant come quick enough, Im so excited and nervous about it. We are hoping to find out if bump is pink or blue, but obviously a healthy bump is the main thing! My sickness has more or less stopped, well ive had it a few days but nothing major! Have been feeling a few movemants but nothing like as strong as i was at this stage in pregnancy with Darcey. Aparantly this is normal as this time i have a anterior placenta.... so long as it behaves and stays put until baby is out safely i don't care where it is!

I am starting to let myself get really excited but also starting to worry... I haven't bought anything yet, think i will start getting a few bits after the scan...

Anyway hope you are all well xxx



  • Hi CeilidhA

    Pleased things appear to be well for you. Let us know how you get on at your scan on Monday. Funny I never wanted to know if I was expecting a pink or blue bump before, but if I had another pregnancy I would find out. I always thought it was the surprise element at the end but now that has been spoilt for me, all I want is a healthy baby, I'm sure you feel the same.

    So as for me, I'm still in the ttc category, almost 10 months after losing my daughter and on my 9th cycle of trying. AF is due this week so fingers crossed but I had blood tests last week and am hoping for a referral to a fertility consultant, just in case!

    Good to hear from you.

    George, x
  • hi hun god thta gone quick , i'm 29 +1 now so not long to go for me as i'm having baby at 38 wks section booked for 24th june so i'm really scared hope yr feeling well and let me know how u get on at scan live vicki x
  • Hi CeilidhA,
    I'm doing well, just had my 16 week check with the midwife and there were 2 strong heartbeats which has put my mind at rest. I've got my 20 week scan on the 18th May and we'll be finding out the sex of the babies. I'm a bit like George, I never wanted to know on previous pregnancies but this time we've decided to find out. I think it's to prepare ourselves better for their arrival.
    The time really has flown since you announced your pregnancy, i can't believe that you have your 20 week scan coming up this week!! You'll have to let us know what sex the baby is.

    Charli's angel, the time has really flown with you too, good luck for the 24th June and come back with your birth announcement, it'll be one of the 1st of our groups rainbow babies and gives the rest of us hope, I think LisaFrankie and Katy73 will be nearing their due dates too xx

    George, fingers crossed for that BFP soon xx
  • hiya!
    thanx 4 asking after me!
    im doing great thanx im 37+2!!!
    its getting really real now!!
    got all my stuff from mothercare baby plan being delivered next monday!
    am so not organised or prepared but i guess that comes with not wanting to plan 'incase'.
    hes really active and i saw my consulatant on tues and thats my last appt with her till im 41 weeks(which we hope dosnt happen)
    just seeing my midwife now till i deliver!
    i feel like im not out of the woods yet till hes here in my arms!
    im on the rasberry leaf and walking lots! put on loads a weight too but hey !! hes worth it!
    you must let us know if u r blue or pink after scan!! im sure eveytthing will be fine!!
    take care everyone!!
    Lisa 37+2!!xxxxxxxxx
  • Lisa how exciting! Amazing you are almost there!!
    Dotty & charli's angel all sounds well. Good news. Let us know how the next scan goes Dotty!
    I gave in and tested this morning. BFN. Feeling a bit low but will have to pick myself up and get on with it. Has not helped that another 3 friends have announced pregnancies this week (2 on 2nd baby, 1 on 5th!). Blood tests came back normal and so I have an appointment to discuss next step with my GP.
    George, x
  • Yay, glad we are all doing well! ;-D

    George35, I know its hard but try not to get to down about ttc. We took 8 months to get our bfp... it really dragged towards the end and i was beginning to get very desperate. Then the one month i least expected, a bfp! I will keep my fingers tightly crossed for you, and can not wait to hear your bfp announcement. Glad your bloods came back as normal, hopefully GP will help 'speed' things up/ take some worries away... Sorry you tested and got a bfn, dont give up hope xx

    Charlies, angel, Glad to hear things are good, and you have your date, I should be getting a c section around 38 weeks so hopefully i might get my date soonish aswell! That would be nice anyway...

    Glad to hear your twins are well Dotty Jackie, How are you feeling with it being twins...any differant symptom wise? Is your bump twice as big?

    Lisa.Frankie, 37 weeks!! wow, your nearly there now! You must be so excited!! I feel excited for you!! I hope you are keeping well and i cant wait to hear all about your birth announcement!!! So exciting. Like you say, who cares about the extra weight!! All part of the fun eh!

    I will update after scan on monday xxx
  • I'm so glad to hear we are all doing well!

    George 35 keep your chin up, it will happen when you least expect it!

    As for me, I'm 23 weeks tomorrow with my little girl! I'm alowing myself to get excited and start buying things! I've also let OH start the nursery, which is looking lovely!

    I finish work in 10 weeks and will have 8 weeks off before princess is due, I hope we have a nice hot summer so I can sit in the garden for it all! Xxx
  • Hi everyone,

    Glad that all is well with everyone, its so lovely to read this good news!!!

    Hubby and i went away for our anniversary, courtsey of my aunt which was ok. The break didn't really help us, we also got "stuck" due to the volcano, but hey, nevermind. It ended up being a costly, stressful break so we're glad to be home despite how difficult it is to be home again.

    As far as ttc is concerned, we haven't "officially" decided yet but will see what happens when we feel is 8 weeks since our little Thomas was born, tomorrow will be 8 weeks since he was taken...its still so raw, anyway we're doing the best we can at the moment.....

    Take care everyone xxx
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