Just touching base!

Wishing you luck and baby dust. Hope it also happens for me soon.


  • im having my coil fitted on Wednesday and am dreading it!! From all the feedback i've had its going to be painful, and make my periods heavier and more painful so im hoping this is wrong!! But on the positive no hormones to contend with (can't take the pill because of migraines) and no baby scares!!
  • it was just in answer to you having yours removed Sarah thats all!!
  • Sarah - good luck ttc hope it works out for you

    Nicola - Don't worry about it, its not that bad at all. Only painfull for a few hours after and as long as you regularly take painkillers (i've had two fitted now so second time round was wiser!) its not painful at all.

    Cheryl x
  • Good luck and sending you a load of baby dust xx
  • Thanks Cheryl! That has made me feel better! im sure it will be fine, just a little concerned as my first af will be when we are away on holiday next month!!
  • Not a good time Nicola! But don't worry about it the fitting I expected it to be really bad especially as I've not had kids so was warned it would be worse for me. However its not bad at all the more relaxed you are about it the better.
  • Nicola - i've not had the coil before but i'm sure you'll be fine xx
  • Thanks girls! I am probably being silly and it will be fine! xxx
  • Good Luck Sarah.

    That's one of the things us regulars love about this site, how a post can expand into many threads, just like a normal conversation! You should have been on here a month back when we did 'pre-walker shoes!'

    Nicola, you will be fine, I have had it fitted twice and believe me, if you can give birth then the coil is a doddle! PM me if you need to chat anytime x x
  • Sarah thats just how it goes here! Maybe you would like to join in some of our other conversations we do chat about all sorts!
  • Nicola, let me know how you get on as its something that I am considering!!!!
  • Nicola,Good luck for Wednesday. I'm sure it will be fine (says she who no longer needs to worry ).
    Hope you dont have to take Tate and Luka with you?
  • Luckily i've got an appointment first thing, so I can go on my own!!! Thanks Lucy. It will be ok. Im just a bit worried of how it will affect me after the painful periods or whatever. But I won't know if I dont' give it a go! oooh thats a rhyme!!
  • At least you will have time to decide what you think before I need it doing and then I can make my decision!!!!! Cheeky or what???
  • I don't mind Caroline!! xx
  • Good luck with that.
  • Nicola i hope it goes ok for you when you have it fitted and afterwards as well good luck. xx
  • Hi Sarah,
    How are you getting on? Hope you are ok.
    Pauline (mrs_h)
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