Talkback: New mums urged to take a year to slim down after birth



  • aah, blah to that, im still using the im breastfeeding excuse even though its only 2 feeds a day now, i know im far happier for enjoying treats with my children and a lot more chilled with a decent meal in me. ill get healthy ready for bump 3 for now im enjoying my babies and nothing else matters xx
  • That does help - I took 2 years to loose my baby weight 1st time and then only lost it through massive stress which pretty much turned into me eating no thing to try and get some self-confidence back.

    I have never been able to loose weight breastfeeding alone although I've gained less weight this time (thank goodness). I have this stupid complex that I will never look/feel good again unless i'm a size 10 (i'm a 14 at the moment). I think I just need to try and love me for who I am and start actually believing my husband when he says I still look great and he still loves me ... !

    Celebrities just pressurise 'normal' women to loose weight by stupid means and not actually enjoy their children when they're tiny - why give the Nanny the pleasure of sharing those joyful 1st moments whilst your off down the gym for hours???!! I know where i'd rather be ...

  • my baby is 7 mths and 2 things have made me get down to thinner then before i was pregnant-9 stone 2 -one is breastfeeding and the other is an overactive thyroid whuch causes rapid weight loss with no apparent reason.everywhere i go people comment how slim i am considering ive just had baby but i am ill with my thyroid and although the weightloss is good the condition is not-people judge if u havent lost ya baby weight and judge if like me uve lost loads of weight but kike u girls are saying who the hell cares-its our babies that matter and we need to concentrate on them as the time passes so fast
  • Only one year!Can I have a little longer?

    Actually I went in New Look today and tried on a pair of jeans.I took 2 in the fitting room,tried the smaller one.It fitted.I'm back to pre pregnant me size,good day size.I was so excited I bought 2 pairs of jeans,a top, and a sweatshirt.When I got home I jumped on the scales,I'm half a stone less than pre pregnant.

    I'm very chuffed.

    There is probably something to be said for being larger to start with so I still have a way to go,but at least I can put away the maternity jeans.

    Have to say I'm NOT dieting.I'm eating just about what I like,if you don't eat how are you supposed to have the energy to get through the day.I don't have time to exercise,but at least I have a school run,and we've that many stairs in our house I'm hoping to get fitter,just to be healthy,and have more energy.Don't care if I'm not the right shape.I've got enough to do

    Mum's should be Mum's whatever shape/size.

  • well done jo, not suprised with that school run, when are you allowed to drive again?
  • My insurance company want the doctor to okay it first.The earliest appointment is July 13th,so it'd be 7 weeks since Merlin was born.

    Did a naughty thing today,so shoot me.I jumped in the van,and picked the kids up from school.Guess what,I didn't fall apart at the seams.Got to be less work than the tandem,but I'm not making a habit of it,cos if the insurance says no,I'm not covered.The only accident we ever had was on the school run,it doesn't have to be your fault,but you can still get caught out.

    Walking to school's quite nice if the sun's shining and we're not running late.An excellent excuse to buy that triple pram.image

  • i ight be stpid but i dont understand it, theres no rules to stop you doing lifting etc that as a mum thers no choice about!

    oooh what triple are you after, youll get my pram addiction rearing its head again, we currently have 3!

    I have to admit theres some really cool triples a lady who live near me has a really cool purple 4 wheeler but looks like a 3 wheeler one!

  • I love the Inglesina triple tandem one.£749.

    There's a  T 3 babyjogger,has 2 seats at the back,one up front.

    Found one on ebay has 3 seats,Safetech I think,around £238.Top of the list right now.

    Also like Cititrouper,which is umbrella fold.

    Oh and last but not least the ABC New Zealand one around £499

    Keep trawling ebay,but I'm not sure what I want or whether to buy.Arwen sits on the bar of Merlins seat in the Graco tandem.Perfectly safe till she falls asleep,or messes about.We already had one fall when the front wheels caught the edge of the kerb on a crossing,throwing her off.Fortunately we had the green man.I did sit her in Merlins seat with him,but there's not really enough room.

    Can't decide,Darren says we can't afford it ,my parents are of the make do generation and say I don't need it,but I think the children get the tax credits/child benefit it's their money.If they need something they get it.Just trying to work out if they NEED it or I want it.Didn't have myself down as a pushchair tart,but I'm getting a collection.Just got the Silver Cross one last month,which I love,but it's a 3 seater I need now.What makes the one the lady near you got?Sorry I'm obsessed ATM.I used to covet  big shiny motorbikes,it's a sad day when you drool over prams

  • its from new zeland she has two face forward then a seat on the hood facing her, not much use if your short! its really nice though!

    I dont think i NEED my double, like life and death need but it makes my life so so much easier as jacks sleeps occassionally and i couldnt be bothered with the stress of holding on to him and plus he gets so horrible when hes tired so its justified. and even more so as jack hadnt learnt to walk when i brought it,

    im the same with tax credits etc its for the children, even if its getting food to make meal to freeze for them its important it goes on them x

  • Hi jo and Laura,go on be pushchair tarts,I'm the biggest one going!!!! got 5 ATM.

    Obsessed i think,to me that is what tax credits are for,pushchair OCD. I think you should go for it Jo,it would make your life easier....keep telling yourself that as I do bout my latest obsession with a Phil & Teds-apparently I'm not allowed 1 !!!!!! Have promised to sell 3 if I get 1.

    Happy day for me to drool over prams,used to be handbags-and TBH that hasn't quite left me!

  • The abc one's the site I was looking at.You can have one on top and two down,or the other way,and they do baby seats or toddler.You can also take the seat off and just have a double.

    You know I could have a couple more kids,make sure I get my money's worth in wear and tearimage.

    Bit of a width issue with some of the triple prams.

    Trouble is you can't get much feedback cos not many people have used a triple.

  • Congrats on slimming down Jo,thats great image doubt I'll ever slim back to pre-pregnancy shape but I'm relatively happy-til we go out for a drink-which is virtually never so no worries there!

    I love food and love cooking so no hope for me! Bein a mum has been a major life changing experience for me,used to survive on nicotine and caffeine so I guess bein chubby aint so bad.image

  • I just love chocolate too much.We eat our Grazebox in afew minutes,then snack on crap all day.I'd hate to spend all day stressing over can't eat this,can't eat that,and of course kids leftovers are fatal if you're dieting.

    Don't think I slimmed down,I think I was just carrying a bit extra to start with before I was pregnant so I didn't gain too much.Still makes you feel good.Trying to be better with eating.Haven't been out for a drink in well,don't remember when.Afew years at least.Don't actually miss it.

  • id go for it jo! we had a bit of a pregnancy scare a few weeks back and both said oooh i like that triple, ah well made andrew re think and cancel his snip, theres hope for no.3 or no.4 if im luckyimage he wont say yes yet but he stopped me selling our m+ps playmat! image

    the women i know with a triple jo, said its as easy as a triple will get its not to wide and easy to steer, only issue is shes very short! so looks round the side of top seat. at our country fair last week we saw 3 of the ones with a child on front and they looked like they coped on the feild better than mine! weve seen a weird one its a p+t side by side with 2 of the extra seats underneath for quads, was specially made for her though!

    im such a buggy addict its unhealthy, i even get a buzz when other people buy them, im on my 4th in 2 years so not too bad, and ive only paid for 1!!! my grandma brought my 1st buggy for jack and my loola stroller for lola mum got us a maclaren xt and we brought our pear, what buggies have you got mumabear??

  • We've used 5 to their deaths,all gone to pushchair heaven.We currently have two in the cellar,probably won't see the light of day again.We have one in the van,plus the new pram and the tandem in the hallway.Atriple would complete the portfolio.Just need to find one at the right price,I think it's the ABC or the T3.I don't like the P&T cos I don't like baby down so low
  • Hey girls! When I first got pregnant my mum bought us a silvercross linear freeway which is lush,converts to pushchair forward or parent facing all extras included cost her few hundred but it was so worth it,Tom born in December but it was really mild and I walked everywhere so lovely to have 'proper pram'.

    Converted it when he was 6mth,found out I was pregnant when he was 8mth! So got a lighter cheapo stroller so I could put it in boot easier,didn't like it so bought a silvercross micro stroller!

    Then bought tandem mothercare own make,very handy,baby Joseff could lie flat and looked cosy. Then discovered cos Tom was so young he got tired and if I reclined him he squashed Jc,who was a whopper! So then got mothercare duolite side by side pushchair which is slightly lighter than tandem but awkward getting in certain shops.

    Then got mclaren double stroller which is in the shed cos I cannot handle steering if Tom wants to walk!!!  All bar my first pushchair are second hand so all in all I have only spent £120 on pushchairs!!!!!

    Second hand Rose me!!! The bargain queen! tandem was £25 off E-bay and it was immaculate!

    Sorry Laura you got my obsession in overdrive!!!!! want another in case I get lucky and actually get pregnant!

  • jack was 16mnths when beanie arrived so the nap issue was the reason i looked at a pear both can be fully reclined without being an issue to the other, i just prefer to put the bigger napper at the back.

    my pushchair antenas twitching im in love with the mamas and papas skate, im waiting 3yrs or so, so i can hae the single of my dreams, dont tell roo yet though lol image

  • Yeah I should put off having a third for ayear,just so I can use my silvercross again!

    Would be great to just look for a single! mind you,I'd be overwhelmed,there are enough doubles on the market!!!!!!image  I'd love to get a job permenantly testing pushchairs!

  • me to, that would be heaven, actually any baby kit, i love looking for things, spent 2 mnths hunting the perfect baby bag, andrew treated me to a wallaboo one which i love love love, bit pricey tho!

     im an addict i just love shopping for the children, this months obbsession has been ted baker clothes for jack, love debanhams sales! i was naughty and brought 2 pairs of jeans and 3 tops 1 hoody andrew kinda raised his eyebrows and then lola well i shop everywhere for her nexts this weeks favourite got her a gorgeous tutu style skirt for jacks party, in 2 weeks cant believe hell be 2!!!

  • Isn't it awful how quick they grow up? It is going way too fast in this house. I am so desperate for another image no joy as yet. Yeah but when you're shopping for the babies it kinda takes away any guilt I find.

    My fave line is 'well it is for your boys'! Love Debenhams-and next. Obviously don't look at girlie stuff but my mates little girl is like a model for nxt,her clothes are gorgeous. Can't afford it like but,what the hell-they are my boys! Lol

    You know my lil one bites like a thug-and I defend him,well he really is a thug now-OMG I shaved his head today!!!!!!!!!!! How cute? but he looks like an extra from the film this is England!!!!!!

    Was so sick of spending half hour an evening picking spinach and green veg out of his mad!

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