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  • Funny enough, I had read this (possibly in PP mag) before i had Jack.  so going into labour with this in mind, i didn't feel any pain as i tore open pushing my 10lb 3oz baby out.  i wiuldn't quite go as fae as saying i had an orgasm, just that it wasn't sore at all.  the contractions wrre sore though, just not tearing open.
  • Not something I would like to be honest. Id rather have the pain and keep the orgasms for the baby making not the baby appearing.
  • have to agree linz, i think this is a bit odd
  • Jo-are you sure this isn't the reason you're on your way to pontipine status??????image

    Mmm I know I thought elective section was cushy-but NOT that cushy!!!!!

  • Lol can you imagine pulling your sex face during labour??????imageimage
  • whats cushy about elcs??? Id rather have had labour than 8 students staring at my bear behing while they put an epidural in!
  • Just better than emergency!!!!!! Found epidural with fat arse hanging out ok-but I didn't have students!
  • true, id have to admit the whole time i was pregnant i wanted to ask for one, so when induction failed i was imageimageimage with lola if thered been no needles it would have been lovely, everything was planned from 12weeks so i was calm as a cucumber but the canular & cathetar (or however its spelt) were SOOOOO painful!
  • Oh god yeah-they put my cathater in 3 hours before section-christ that was unpleasant-with emergency it was done post block so all fine.

    Told midwife I didn't want that again-she said if she saw me again within 2 years she'd do it as punishment-cheeky cow.

  • i got comments like that, and 'oh back again are we' but i did tell everyone jack was gonna be an only child, whoops!
  • I was told I had time to squeeze another one in this year!

    Not planning to.

    Mine put a catheter in during labour cos they thought that was holding things up.Took it out when it had done the job,only to redo it for the c section,only this time after the block.Think I was past caring who was in the room,or what they could see.I left my dignity behind at the door.

  • Jo I only just realised just how fab Merlin's hair is. that is booossssssssssssss! If he was mine there'd be a bow in that, hehe
  • lol linz, i put jacks hair up in bunches, evil mum.

    i just dont like shepards pie in his hairimage

  • Merlin's hair gets bigger by the day.When they measure his length I have to flatten it cos it adds a couple of inches.Looks like it's been in curlers,all that's missing is the old lady blue rinse.I love it though.
  • aww cute!!! i hadnt noticed either thats an impressive mop!

    did all of them have such gorgeous hair?image

  • His hair is soooo cute-both mine were slapheads for ages!!!! Ha then when they get it I shave it!!!! Understand the cottage pie/hair nightmare-it's paste with tomato sauce here-or pesto!!!!
  • Harry was a shiny head.Bridie always had some.Erin was shiny till she was 2,poor child.Just had a few untidy bits of fluff.The others called her Gollum,there was a resemblance,lol!Arthur had some,Arwen had loads,but Merlin's got this curly mop.It's looking ginger ATM,the kids are getting worried.

  • aaww lol! Lolas nickname as a baby (well until 6mnths) was smeegs because of gollum and i canot even random a guess at how to spell schmeigel???! she was an grumpy (ugly when she cried which she did ALOT) and stil has stupid hair, But now shes a happy baby smeegs has disappered and shes now beanie!
  • Harry was Beanie/Bean till from the size of a bean in the womb till he was three when we realised he really thought that was his name.
  • lol! lola doesnt respond to lola very often but beanie she does, my sister calls her beanie biney lola! and she responds when jack calls her Oooola!
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