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  • I had a miscarriage last month, bleeding stopped on 11th July 2012, i was 5 and a half weeks pregnant,

    i then had a period one week after i stopped bleeding from the miscarriage, period started 22nd July lasting 4 days (which is normal for me) me and my husband began TTC straight after.

    My breasts have been sore now for nearly two weeks and Im bloated quite often,

    i went to my doctors on Tuesday 14th august following a few dizzy spells, the doctor

    was quite abrupt with me and said it is very unlikely that i will be pregnant again so soon after

    the miscarriage, she sent me for blood tests on Friday 17th august to test for my thyroid function and blood count but said she didn't see a point in running a pregnancy blood test,

    My period was due yesterday 18th august, and didn't show so me probably being stupid and

    too hopeful, i did a pregnancy test and it came back negative! I was completely devastated as i really did

    'feel pregnant' i am awaiting my blood test results next week, Im wondering would the lab be able to detect pregnancy hormones without it being requested?

    Any ideas/advice would be Apresiated, x
  • I stopped the pill on 19th July and missed my period which was due on 15th Aug. I took a test and found out I was pregnant on 19th Aug. On 7th Sept at 7 weeks pregnant I started bleeding heavily and my GP confirmed I miscarried. I have just stopped bleeding now after 1 week. Is it wise to try again so soon ?
  • I miscarriage at 11weeks mid August, I'm 38 and have already started trying again.

    Do u think that's too soon?

    Anyone got any tips to help us on our way :-D
  • been ttc for 15 months,i have had 2 early miscarriage at around 5-6 weeks,,i found out on saturday i was pregnant i tested on day my period was due so early days. i had a appointment at hospital today anyway due to the finding cyst,it is 6 cm on left side,,,they say it wont harm baby but i cant stop thinking about it
  • I am 34 years of age, miscarried at 8 weeks

    and started trying after my first period.

    Emotionally I still feel sad but goto keep trying

    as new baby will need positivity to thrive.

    I've been told I have a demoid cyst on my

    Ovary. But after talking to the consultant I

    will keep trying. Who knows what could happen

    In life.
  • I am in the process of miscarriage and feel my heart has broken. I am lucky to have a son and this was my second pregnancy. I was 8 weeks and so very happy.

    The support from my GP has been limited just basically told to go home and let nature take it's course. It hurts and I wake up crying in the night. I can't face Christmas but have to be brave for my little boy. How long will it take me to heal physically? I know emotionally I will always be sad and always remember my angel who miscarried. RIP baby, you are loved xxx
  • So I miscarried December 12, 2012 at 7 weeks narurally. Started bleeding on the 11th at night I called my doctor she said as long as I was not filling up a pad then I was ok.... I had horrible lower back pains and cramps all night long . Was unable to sleep...I decided to go in the next day on the 12 because when I went to the bathroom.. the sac was there. I went in already bleeding, doctor did an intravaginal scan and nothing was there. My husband and I were devastated... I bled for 5 dayd, next week I went back to check hcg level and they had dropped to a 9 :( after that we continued normal not ttc but not precenting it either.... so now I dont knlw when I'm supposed to be due for my period, I usually have 28 days cycles..... according to that my period will be due tomorrow and ive had some cramps but not like period cramps these are minor back pains and pain throughout the day for the past 3 days..usually I start spotting feel bloated and the whole thing.... I told my husband about it and he stated "maybe ur preggo" now in the back of my head I'm thinking and hoping I am..... but I'm so confused when I would be consideres late.... I'm not sure if its period cramps.... idk if i ovulated...idk what to think or do I just dont want to get my hopes up. :( what should I do? Any suggestions??
  • im mc at 9weeks on 14th dec 2012 ttc straight away. after other mc i conceived 3mths later and had a healthy baby so hope i have a bfp soon. good luck to you all
  • I've had 2 mc's within the last year (2012).. Need to know what am I doing wrong?
  • My theory is, sometimes, embryo goes wrong, physically or whatever reasons. God takes those innocent angels because they are not meant to be on earth. You can call me anything but that's just my theory. Some other factors, of course, are drug use, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, stress (this is a big one). I kept thinking that there is no one immune to losing a baby in early pregnancy. If you lose a baby, I am sorry but you shouldn't blame yourself. It's not the mother's fault. Prayer and good luck.
  • Heyy girlies,i had miscariage on 30th december 2012,5 weeks,i hadnt long been through major surgery on my ovaries because i had a cyst,and i was smoking but  i didnt know i was pregnant, i regret it now, i have now stopped smoking and also taking folic acid and i have waited for my 1st period to come after 6 weeks after miscariage, do you think ile be okay to try aggain?

  • i had a miscarriage in oct, then a missed miscarriage in jan this year, should i try again im scared i cant go through losing another baby
  • There seems to be contradicting advice out there as to when to start trying again. I miscarried last week at 7 weeks and me and my husband were devastated.
    We plan to start trying again as soon as the bleeding has stopped. Apart from being able to date the pregnancy there seems to be no medical advice to wait until you have had your next period.
    My heart goes out to all those going through a similar situation and good luck to all those who are trying for a sucessful pregnancy.               

  • I miscarried on the 27/2 and im totaly devestated i only bled 2days after and we started ttc a week later so now its the waiting to test but i dont see any reason to wait either good luck in ttc.
  • I have endometriosis and was told it would be very difficult to conceive a child,3 years ago I had a miscarriage and have tried to get pregnant since then with fertility treatment and everything. My cycles are never regular until the last 6 months and its been about a month since I kissed my period I thought I was getting it but the blood was more brown and it only lasted maybe 2 days. I didn't think anything of it, but now I feel very tired, my lower back hurts,I have more and more headaches, heartburn, nausea no vomiting. And I have not checked a test yet because I wanted to be pregnant so bad I don't know if its just false hope and I don't know but i think I am scared to get a negative again. Anyways my question is does this sound like it could be possible to anyone else or am I just wishful thinking? Thanks
  • I got pregnant last year. I went to about 10 weeks. Then I lost my baby. I had a d and c. They told me I should wait to try again. Well I didn't wait I started to try again after trying for five months I finally got pregnant. I had my son on december 26 2012. I didn't get on any birth contorl cause I wanted to have more kids. My son is five months. I found out I was four weeks pregnant. well I started bleeding on a Saturday so Sunday morning I went to the er. But they said they couldn't tell me if I was losing the baby. So I went home that night I passed a big chunk of blood. Went to doctors and they said I lost the baby. If I try againill I lose the baby again. Please help me.
  • Just read some of these and am confused!!i had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago and never waited for my period had a small bit of spotting three weeks ago and done a clear blue test yesterday which said I'm now 2-3 weeks??is this still showing hcg from previous pregnancy or am I pregnant again??dont want to get my hopes up :/
  • Hi I had a miscarriage 4weeks ago followed by a D & C 3 days later, I was 12 weeks. I am needing some advise about how long you should wait? When your body is ready? We are wanting to ttc as soon as we are ready but not sure if it is too soon. This was my first pregnancy.

    Love to all

  • Hi guys does anyone know when is best ttc after miscarrying, alot of ppl are saying day 12 online but day 12 from when the 1st day of bleeding or the actual passing of baby or 12dYs after u stop bleeding? Im very confused x.

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