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  • Hi AMYMartin, welcome to MadeForMums. You've actually posted your question under a Talkback thread about forum abbreviations (whch is easily done!), so we're not sure as many people will see this post as you'd like. Might we suggest you start a new thread in this Pregnancy category where we think much more people will see it? If you need any help with this, please do let us know.

  • I just joined how can I put my own profile picture instead of an avatar.?
  • Hi madisonchapa, welcome to MadeForMums! At the moment, you can only change your avatar to a profile picture by using a desktop computer (we're afraid you can't do it via your phone) but if you don't have access to a computer, please do send us your picture to [email protected] and we can do it for you. 

  • Hi billythekitty, hmmm, good question! We're not 100% sure on this one, but we think it means estimated week, month due. 

  • Hi answering above question - EWMD is egg white milky doscharge.
  • Thank you so much StuzyNo2 for letting us know, - w'e're going to update the list to include this one. 

  • Hiya can you add in

    "OH - other half"

    Thanks x
  • Hiya can you add in

    "OH - other half"

    Thanks x

    Also what does AC mean it's not on your examples ?
  • Hi StuzyNo2, we've added OH ☺️
    AC - we're not sure we know that one - do let us know if you find out though! 

  • It says at the top of your list 'wondering what AC means? But then it isn't in your list.
  • You're right StuzyNo2 - we've just amended the AC!
  • Could I ask.advice please I am new to this group I found on friday that I was 1_2 weeks preagnt and. On sat I started spotting. I have. No cramping or pain at the bottom of my belly I am still spotting now b it I done a test last night and it was. Neg I am worried I am have lost it. Any advice plz

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