Talkback: How big is a child's portion: do you know?


  • How many 'portions' per meal?

    If a child's fist of broccoli is a portion, surely that's not the only thing a child has in its meal, so how many portions of food per meal?
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  • Thanks for your questions. A balanced meal includes about 4-5 portions. For the first savoury course you would include 1 portion of a starchy food e.g. potato one portion of meat/fish/eggs nuts/pulses e.g. some minced meat or fish fingers or omelette; one portion of a vegetable e.g broccoli or carrot. Then give a second course of 1 or 2 portions e.g. one portion of fruit and one portion of yogurt. 

  • What comes after the afters? Listening to your child moan all night that they are hungry šŸ˜œ
  • Do you know how much protein in gram 15 months old can have in total daily? I feel like my little one has such a big appetite atm and he seems to want lot of food. I read some websites after searching Google but I think that amount they quote is a bit non sense and hard to achive with the amount of food he wants.
  • Honestly, I never even thought about it
  • I would have preferred them to give a range in grams as well because what Iā€™m doing is weighing a meal out based on the size of a shop bought toddler meal.
  • Agree , this is pretty difficult to follow for example instead of saying 2-4 tablespoons of scrambled egg, it would be easier to know how many eggs as you actually cook that way. Grams would be more helpful.
  • My girls will eat pasta and pesta for Britain!
  • How about for older children? Would love to know how much to feed my ten year old, I am sure we give him far too much food...
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