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Kind Words Needed

Hi Beautiful Ladies

I choose what I believed to be a beautiful name for my lovely daughter, however people have hurt my feelings really badly over her name by saying I'm mispronouncing it.

Please only offer me mind words, I'm really upset.

Her name is Esme ( Me) Matilda. 


  • I'm not sure how you are pronouncing it but as the person who choose the name you also chose how to spell and pronounce it so sod what other think! Its a lovely name after as long as you like it that's what matters 😊

  • It can be pronounced as 'EsMee' or 'EsMay'. My 5yr old was at nursery with 2 girls both with names spelled Nevaeh - 1 pronounced it as NeVaya while the other pronounced it Neve.

    You & your family decide what pronunciation you prefer, you then advise people of this preference 

  • Hi Hun

    my daughter is Esme ( me), which area are you from? She does occasionally get Esmay which makes me regret the name choice to be honest, I used to love her name X

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