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Hi all

I really like the name Clara but my surname is Russell. Is it too much of a mouthful with the 'ra' and the 'ru'?

Also Joshua, likely shortened to Josh which I think my blend into the surname resulting in Schrussell. What do you think?

Appreciate your help :)


  • Just been saying your names out loud, and I hear where you're coming from, but honestly i think they sound fine - not too many shhh's or ra'rus! Also, wait until you meet your baby as sometimes they might not look like the name you have for them - i found that with my first baby! Our short list went out the window and she ended up with a name my husband had previously said no to!  
  • Thanks for the advice, yeah apparently my parents did the same with my name.  I have ages to wait but thinking of potential names has been keeping me occupied. 
  • I love the name Clara too!! I think it would work with Russell x
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