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Thoughts please...

Hi ladies, 

I have a daughter called Amelia. I like the name Eliza but not sure if it goes well together? 

Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks! X


  • I think both are lovely ❤️
  • I like Amelia more. and what I have found about meaning))) Amelia is a smart, loving, caring girl. When you first meet her she seems very shy but as you get to know her she becomes loud and confident. She likes to keep her most valuable secrets to herself. If you have an Amelia in your life don't let her go. She has a lot of things going on at home but tries to hide it when she's out. She is a great advice giver but scared to ask for advice. She is loyal. If you get on her bad side you'll regret it.
  • @Coconutfoxx thank you ❤️
    @Evelyn2020 I love our DD name Amelia too. I never found out the meaning behind it though so thank you! Xx
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