advice for partially worried mum


I was after some advice / reassurance please.

My lo is 10 weeks old today. He's usually an alert little boy who is awake a lot but today he has slept most of the day. He doesn't have a temperature and he's been eating normal amounts (180-200ml every 3 hours) although I have had to wake him for them and then he's fallen back asleep straight after .

Do you think there is anything wrong with him? Am I OK to keep an eye on him overnight and see how he is tomorrow or should call nhs direct?

thanks in advance x


  • hi, didn't want to read and run. if he seems well in him self and is still taking his normal amount of formula i would try not to worry too much, but if you are still worried, and a mums own instincts are usually right, then phone for advice to reassure your self. take care. xx
  • Thanks Pen.

    My instinct is that he is OK - but it's just unlike him. I just called NHS direct and they are only taking urgent calls - anything non-urgent they will call back after 4+ hours! I think I will see how he goes and keep an eye on him during the night. Typical - I ask him to sleep through the night every night and the night he might just, I will be waking him up to feed!

    Thanks for the reply!
  • Hi

    Cant really add much except to keep checking his temp. he might just be about to go through a growth spurt and that needs sleep. If you do have worries make sure nhs direct know he is only 10 weeks as they tend to get back quicker.

  • How did you get on?
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