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Hiya everyone, my little girl (11 wks) has got severe reflux and whooping cough, she has just come out of hospital after 7wks and im running out of ideas to help her get through this. The Omeprazole is not helping her but they just wont listen to me. I will be grateful for any new ideas. thanks


  • God how awful for you- they tested Archie for whooping cough and told us how serious it is for little ones.
    Reflux can be tackled by medication, positioning and milk. Perhaps she could have a thickener to encourage the milk to stay down?
    I would keep in regular contact with your HV/ GP and make sure you tell them exactly how worried you are. If they won't listen keep a diary for a few days to show how often she is bringing milk up or how often/ how long she is crying for. It should get better over time but if she needs a bit more help then she needs it NOW !
    Thank goodness she is out of hosp (they would prob give you some advice though if GP won't).
    Good Luck x
  • Thanks for your advice she is on clarabel but she struggles to drink it even tho ive made bigger holes in her teets. The only way i know how to sooth her is cutching her all the time but with too other children aged 3 and 18mths thats not possible. I have the apnea mat cos she stops breathing when she coughs but apart from that im
  • It's hard to put them down when you know they are going to cry but sometimes you have to take a deep breath, get a cup of tea and leave her for a short time to get used to it. Archie was the same when we got home from hosp, he could only take tiny amounts due to being tube fed for a week, would not settle at night and liked to be held. It was like having a newborn again (he was 6 wks) It does get better!
  • Gosh just realised your Lo is 11wks- Archie was born 29.10.08 so is 12wks on Wed !
  • are you giving her gaviscon infant for the reflux
    this stuff is great and worked from the first dose with my son who had reflux really bad as a baby x
  • hiya. Lexi is on ometpazole for the reflux im not sure if she can have the gaviscon aswell it might be worth looking into because she dont get reviewed for another month, the ometprazole dosage goes by her weight and maybe thats why its not having so much of an effect on her as she must have gained some weight since leaving hospital 2wks ago. Thanks for the suggestion i will phone docs see what they say.
  • hi sorry to gatecrash but another good one for reflux in babies is domperidone i know they used that for the babies on SCBU and also the mothers can have the tablet form to encourage milk flow for breastfeeding mums, which is fab and def works although not licensed for that xx
  • No its fine, but she has tried it and renitadine (not sure how to spell that one) but no joy with it, i did phone docs today about the gaviscon but they said seeing that shes on the adult dosage of ometprazole already the gaviscon isnt going to make any difference at all. But one good thing is that i did manage to get her appointment with the consultant moved forward, it was orignally 6wks away but thats changed to 2wks now so hopefully i can get more help from them. I have kept a diary of all the (stop breathing) episodes so that should be enough to convince them that the medication isnt working. Fingers crossed.
    Thanks for all your support and advice
  • Hi Sara

    just wanted to add that one of my girls (stevie) used to have "blue episodes" not breathing at all for up to 3 minutes at a time!! and it was because of wind and her inability to manage it, she was under the docs for ages because of it but she has now grown out of it, it was just because she was prem.

    Hope everything works out with the docs and you get the answers and help your lo needs xx
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