so upset, hope someone can help

I went to get my little girl weighed today and she weighed 17 pound and 2 ounces, she is 6 months today, she seems tall for her age at birth and still now (as they baby who was born same day (also due 26th July 08 but born on 12th july)is a smaller) All my partners family say she is overweight this is getting me very frustrated and upset. I dont know how to prove she is fine!!!!!!! Apart from take her the Doctors and get it confirmed she is perfect weight and length. Anyone got anyother ideas??? Am i being stupid?? it just makes me feel i am doing wrong or feeding her too much. She is very happy all the time so i feel i am doing right!!!!!!! Hope you can help

Annalisa xx


  • i have just looked up her weight and hage in my lo red book and she seems if i got it right to just the right weight for her age, so you shouldn't worry. As long as she is happy and well you can tell people to bog off!!!
    Love fiona and Hayden
  • I have just been and had a look at Neve's little red book. At 23 weeks she weighed 17lb 4oz, she is also quite tall and an absolutely perfect weight. If you hv and gp are happy then tell the others to sod off. It makes me so cross that people feel qualified to call your PERFECT baby overweight. She is fine, you should be very proud of yourself and very cross with them. Stop questioning yourself and your baby and tell them that you are her mother and you know she is fine. What size clothes is she in?
  • i agree with the other 2 posts!

    tell them to sod off!!

    otherwise, you are going to let them niggle away at you, and then you'll start believing them, and think she needs to diet!!

    babies need to eat when they ask for it, and until she can run round, and "work it off", she eats as and when she feels hungry. babies at that age cant be fat for gods sake!

    she sounds perfect to me, so tell them where to go!
  • She is in 6-9 months clothes! its so frustrating my health visitor told me to go in nxt monday for her to be weighed and measured!!! Thanks for the support!!!!!!! love you all xx
  • If at 6 mnths she is in 6-9 month clothes how can they think she is overweight!!!! Sounds to me like they are just being difficult - treat your in laws like children, ignore the bad behaviour and reward the good lol!
  • My little...or big boy is only 17 weeks is nearly 17Lb and in 6 - 9 month clothes! And he is perfect! I hope you feel better knowing there are bigger, younger babies out there!!
  • Hey Love!

    Charlie was born on the 13th July - was due on the 26th july 2008! so pretty close in age!I got him weighted4 weeks ago and he was 19lbs!!! He is not fat at all - he is just a big child he is wearing 12month in size! He is perfect for him! he doesnt have fat wrists, belly, neck.. he is fine & so is your little one! x
  • tell them to sod off! Why do people think they have a right to comment on your baby in a negative way. My little man was 20lb6oz at 6 months, I got so sick of people especially my inlaws calling him fat, he has since birth always been on the 91st centile for both weight and height so he is completley in proportion. He didnt walk till nearly 19 months and my mil had a field day with that, telling me and anyone else who would listen that it was because he was too fat. In the end he was seen by a paediatrician becuase of the delayed walking and even he said he was not overweight, he was and still is in complete proportion and the reason for his delayed mobility is becuase he has a condition called hypermobility and hyper extension which basically means his joints are not very stable or supportive and has naff all to do with his weight. Needless to say I couldnt wait to tell the mil, didnt shut her up tho, she still tells me he is fat grrrrrrrr :evil:
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