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cradle cap

i can't seem to get rid of it once it starts to go it comes back, i was using cradle cap shampoo but was too harsh on her head, i now use johnsons shampoo and olive oil! any ideas please???


  • I tried a shampoo I got from a French brand called Mustela which contains a gentle hydroxy acid that softens the yucky skin and lifts it off over a few appilcations.  But it is also gentle enough to be a 'no tears' formula.  It sorted out my daughter's in a few uses.  I did get it in Spain but it may well be available on the net.  the best thing about it to be honest, is not it efficacy in getting rid of cradle cap, but that it is a pump dispenser that creates a foam so you can use it with one hand and with little rubbing and fuss.

    Maybe get an organic shampoo anyway rather than Johnsons, more gentle with fewer chemicals.

  • I did the same Mel, used the oil that the hv gave me for baby massage and then rubbed it gently with a towel!!
  • Oil didn't shift Bronwyn's cradle cap, I bought some Dentinox cradle cap shampoo which seems to be doing the trick. Although, to be honest, I am not really bothered by it! It will go by itself eventually!!
  • does it not hurt them????? i was not bothered but family members keep saying things about it and pulling faces as if i'm not looking after my 10 week old baby properly??
  • Snap caroline,we used dentinox cradle cap shampoo,its gentle enough to use on a regular basis,it shifted rileys(i also used baby oil/gel)and also used it with chan.
  • doesn't hurt them at all, think its only a build up of skin. I used the dentinox too which worked eventually. Tate had it the worse. I also bought a baby hair brush which was super soft and this would very gently bursh out any loose flakes. NEVER be tempted to pull or pick at the scabs as this will hurt and can lead to infection. it does just go in time. Dont worry xx
  • It is very unfair of anyone to suggest you are a bad mum on the strenght of a bt of cradle cap!  Some people really need to get lives of their own...

    It is such a temptation to pick at it, I try sooo hard to resist but it is there, begging to be picked off.  Catalina's has cleared up now but I still use the shampoo to stop it coming back.

  • Oh dee thats awful, cradle cap is something most babies get regardless of what we do!!!

    Jd had it really bad and it looked terrible, i used dentinox shampoo but found that too harsh if i used it too much. I also used to gently brush the loose bits off. Now his hair has grown you can't see it as bad tho he's hardly got any left, i really wouldn't worry unless it gets infected or something. Anyone with half a brain won't even bat an eyelid at it. Take care x x

  • Can't believe they said that, just because of some cradle cap!

    As the girls have said the best way to remove it is by massaging baby oil into the scalp and lightly removing any loose flakes. Also really make sure that you rinse the hair really well as if there is any shampoo residue left in the hair, that will also cause it.

    My friends 4yr old boy, won't let her rinse his hair and he has really bad cradle cap!

  • Hello

    I have had the same problem with my daughter, tried dentinox and it didn't help at all and was also using extra virgin oil leaving it overnight and then combing through which helped quite a bit but it kept coming back.  A friend of mine suggested Capasil which you can only get on prescribtion  and it has done the trick, but be warned it stinksimage

  • I also used dentinox on jake, only around 6 months ago.  He had it for ages but thought it would eventually go.  Most of it did though.  It did work.  Family were more bothered by it though. xx
  • thank you for all your responses it is clearing really well, i've been washing it every day with Johnson's then every few days using dentinox and putting olive oil on after washing.

  • be careful your washing out the shampoo well enough - i believe that any excess of shampoo can cause cradle cap to build up.

    Better just to wash their hair with water before they bath.  Then if there is any cradle cap masage it with baby oil beofre washing

     hope this helps

  • Oh I know it is horrible. My little one had cradle cap all over her scalp and looked so bad image. I used a cradle cap lotion from wikaniko on my little one, it took several weeks but cleared up eventually. I would certainly give it a try coz all the ingredients are extracted from plants and there are no nasty chemicals. I tried sunflower oil and coconut oil before this and neither of them worked for me :( You can give it a go, but if the problem persists or worsens I suggest you contact your health professional.

    - Happy Mum

  • I'm sorry to hear that. Olive oil can be a great natural remedy for cradle cap. You can apply a thin layer of oil to the scalp and gently massage it in for about a minute. If your baby still has a soft spot on their head, use extra caution around this area.
    In addition to olive oil, there are other ways to get rid of cradle cap such as brushing your baby's scalp with a soft brush, hydrating the scalp with lotion or oil, and washing your baby's hair with a cradle cap shampoo
    i have use the cradle cap shampoo by happy cappy its works perfectly my friend told me about it. Click in the link to check the product and article
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