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help needed nutriprem 2

anyone had a baby on nutriprem 2? the twins are on nutriprem 2 and was originally told they would be on it until 6 months corrected age, but speaking to someone who was on transitional care with me and she was told by the consultant that babies are on it until they have caught up with their weight and are showing a good steady weight gain. has anyones babies come off nutriprem 2 earlier than 6 months corrected age? also i am finding that one twin is hungry a lot and sometimes will only go 1-2 hours between feeds, i have tried increasing the ammount of milk offered but she will not take anymore than 2and a half to 3 oz per feed has anyone had any similar issues? or any advive


  • My LO was on NP2 until she was 5 months uncorrected age. We only took her off it because it gave her really bad wind and a sore tummy. It did make her gain good weight but she got on much better with Aptami1.
    She also would not take more than 3ozs or so as she suffered from reflux as a result of being prem. This meant feeding was very uncomfortable as she was sicking up a lot and the acid from her tummy was burning ther throat. This was evetually fixed with various meds sorted out form the paeds at the hospital.
    I just used to have to go with small and frequent feeds until she reached an age where her reflux was under control and she could cope with larger feeds, at about 7 months or so once weaned.

    I think my docs would have prescribed NP2 until 12 months maximum corrected age if required for weight. Using NP2 also meant that I didn't need to give her extra vits and iron as they are all in NP2, but not at such high levels in normal formula.

    Iz & Skye x
  • The girls were on NP2 until they were 4 months uncorrected. I took them off it as it was bunging them up (sorry TMI) and was also not helping their reflux. After checking with the consultant and GP, they said their weight gain was good so I moved them to SMA Staydown. The only condition to moving them to regular formula was that I needed to give them their vitamins and iron separately. We've stopped these now they're weaned. They should have been on NP2 until 6 months uncorrected (this is what the consultant told us when we saw him a couple of weeks ago)

  • Kara was on NP2 for 11 months then moved straight to cows milk. She could have come off it at 6 months uncorrected but the consultant said that she can stay on it as another milk wouldn't make much difference to her as she was growing steadily and putting on weight. The HV agreed as we were getting it on prescription and also Kara had no problems on it so we didn't see the point in changing her milk at that stage as we knew she would be moving onto cows milk soon enough.
  • hi my baby girl is on nutriprem 2 shes 8 weeks and weights 3.880 kg by feeding guide shes suppose have 3 scoops and 90 ml but after 1-2 h she hungry again what should i do take her of nurtiprem 2 or keep her on it 

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