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Hi i've gc , just wanted to ask about how yr babies was with there weight gain ,
my little girl was born at 36 wks she was 5lb 4 oz at birth and is 14 wks old now and is 8lb 5 0z she still looks tiny the hv said she should be gaining more , i just woundered how big yr babies were at 14 wks ,

she is doing everything she should she smiles coos chats looks around eats her hands so development wise she is at 14 weeks not 10 (|correceted age) should i be worried she has grown a lot in length i think since birth she was 49 cm and is now 45 and a half x


  • my dd was born at 32 weeks and weighed 4lb11oz, at 14 weeks she was 10lb 6oz. hope that helps, but they all gain at their own rate, at birth dd was on the 75th centile but droped down to the 25th where she stayed and now at almost 23 months she is just under the 25th (corrected) or half way between 9th and 25th for her actual age of almost 23 month
  • My DS was born at 28+6 weighing 3lb 5oz he lost 4oz in first few days At 14 weeks he weighed 7lb 1oz he has always apart from at birth where he was on 75th centile be anywhere from just below 2nd or around the 9th centile even now at 30 weeks he only weighs 13lb 4oz. they will catch up in time and I was informed by my HV that before 6 months there weight gains and length increase is due to nutrition but after 6 months it is down to genetics.My other DS has always been above the 95th centile so hopefully Oliver will cach up with him one day and if he doesn't then thats the way he was meant to be. Plus if her lengthis increasing then that will affect the weight gain.xx
  • personally i wouldbt be too worried if your LO is feeding ok, all children are different. my DS1 was 6 weeks early weighing 5lb10oz and is now a 6ft 17 year old.
  • My daughter was born at 36+5 weighing 4lb 11oz. At 14 weeks she was about 9lb.
    She's now just over 9 months old and weighs 14lb 1/2oz, so still very tiny. She is on the 0.4th centile for her weight and length (was born on 2nd) and I think she's just going to be petite :\) (like her mummy!!).
    I wouldn't worry just yet and just keep an eye that she doesn't drop down lots of centiles.
    I have also noticed that L seems to go really long and skinny (for her!) and then the weight catches up and she looks all chubby (again, for her!) and then goes long again etc etc. It's just growth spurts.
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