Help identifying nappies from charity shop


Can anyone assist me in identifying what brand these nappies are?

I'm trying to source as much for the baby as possible from charity shops/freecycle or other pre-used sources, so I was so pleased to find these for ??1.99 for 3.



  • Thanks tink-a-belle image

    I thought they might be little lamb, but no makers label.

    I'm going to go around all my local charity shops asking if they could save any cloth nappies they get in for me, so hopefully I'll get some more bargains like that.
  • little lambs always have lables one them
  • Thanks Sugarpuff. Looked at the pictures online and that's exactly what they are like image

    I'm getting a bit overstimulated buying nappies at the moment. I think it's because I don't want to buy lots of actual clothes until the baby is here and I know what size and gender it is (My sister's little boy totally skipped newborn clothes) but it's something I can buy for bump now image
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