Cut 4 cloth

Hi everyone, I'm afraid this is a shameless plug but I just wanted a bit of a rave about Cut4Cloth (now called Frugi). I've never ordered from them before as they were a bit pricey but last week I got so sick of seeing Millie in clothes that don't fit properly over her fat cloth bum that I gave in and ordered some trousers and a skirt. They came today and they are absolutely beautiful, the fabrics are gorgeous and they fit perfectly, they are possibly the niceset things she has had. Just thought I'd let you all know incase any one else was tempted!


  • Great tip bedhead - I've stuck it in my favourites ready for when baby arrives image
  • They are actually even better than I first thought as they wash beautifully as well!!
  • I second the recommendation. I couldn't resist buying a few bits in their sale - got gorgeous choc cord dungarees and a couple of t shirts and like bedhead said, the fabrics are really good quality and they are just sooo cute. Can't wait for baby to arrive now (5 and a bit weeks to go!)
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