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hi i have been given given a few reusable nappies all different makes. i have a fuzzi bunz, a mother ease with 2 of the outer pants things, and 2 tots bots one organic ith velcro and one is a fluffel with no velcro but has an elastic 3 pointed thing. also have 2 rainbow fluffy things which im assuming are some sort of liner! anyway my questions are

1) fuzzi bunz does it need an outer pants put on or just the nappy?
2) do you use disposable liners as well as the material ones that are included with the nappy?
3) do the tots bots need outer pants?
4) if all the nappies need outer pants can i use the mother ease ones with the other makes?
5) once nappy is wet/dirty what do i do with it?

i know i only have a few but if i can save a little bit of money it will be worth it.

thanks x


  • Don't worry about only having a few, you can always buy more of the ones you like!

    1)No, you don't need anything else with the Fuzzi. It should have a microfibre (looks like towelling but feels different) insert that fits into the pocket of the nappy, then you just popper on the nappy. When it's been used it's best to take the insert out before putting it in the wash, that way it gets properly clean. This is what we use, I love em.
    2)This is up to you, using paper liners means any solids can be thrown straight down the toilet more easily, but your lo doesn't have the nice soft fabric next to their skin. Personally I don't bother with them.
    3) and 4) Yep, you need an outer cover with the tots bots and the mother ease ones are absolutely fine to use over anything.
    5)Tip off any solids, pull the insert out the fuzzi and then put them in either a lidded bucket or an air tight bag, there is no need to soak them. When you are ready to wash them run a cold rinse cycle first, then do a 6o degree wash using no more than half the amount of detergent you normally would. You shouldn't get any stains if you wash them like that but if you do, hanging them in the sun normally sorts it.

    The 3 pointed thing is a nappy nippa, really easy to use once you get the hang of it, stick one side in one side of the nappy, then the other side, then pull it down and stick the middle one in the front of the nappy. I think the rainbow things are probably fleece liners, you don't need them in the Fuzzi as it's fleeced lined, but in the others they act as a stay dry layer next to your lo's skin.

    Hope that helps!
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