I took the plunge...!!!!!

Well after your fab advice...i did it and am now the proud owner of 24 cloth nappies, 5 NB wraps and 5 small wraps, 200 liners, a nappy bin 2x laundry bags and lots of anti bac/washing powder etc!!! Been bargain hunting on ebay and its all brand new!!! We cant afford the birth to potty set out right but at least im sorted for the first 9months or so, and all for ??70.00! Plan on getting the 2nd half when i get the healthy living grant in April!!!! Thanx CC and PTB - i cant wait to use it all - even though everyones giving me funny looks when i say im using them!!!! image

Im hoping to start using them when hes 2wks, so really hoping they work that early!

kim 31wks today! xxxxxxx


  • Congraulations!
    I have two in washables (I do use disposables too - at night & when out shopping)...I just received a cheque (??25) from Cheshire County Council towards the purchase of washables - I claimed this for my first bb aswell...does your local council run a real nappies incentive scheme? & is the Healthy Living Grant the same thing as the Sure Start Grant? I didn't think I could get the Sure Start grant & my HV told me to apply & I got the full whack - ??500! Came in handy when I bought my Phil & Teds!!!


  • OH YAY!!!! WElcome to the fab world of reusables!!!! I LOVE THEM - get plenty of funny looks too but a lot of respect from others as well and it really is no real hassle!
  • Go for it Woomummy!!! I've been using them since Matthew was 4 or 5 months old. Did you get some cute wraps?
    PS If they don't work from 2 weeks, don't give up. I introduced them little by little, to get myself used to it!
  • Hey girls, thanx for your replies!!! Unfortunatly our council has no incentive scheme...how poo is that, but hey i have them now so i dont care image Me and the boys had a whirl on one of their teddies which was great fun...seems easy enough - remind me of that when i have a wriggly newborn in them though!!

    Juliette i got some very cute covers - giraffes, frogs and stars...hopfully they look so cute when their filled with poo though lmao!!!

    Another quick question had a look on the bm site and the video - am i better going in and using the boy fold straight away?? xxx
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