Mothercare's "Smart Nappy" ?

I'm hoping for some honest reviews of the above please. They seem to have good reviews on their website?

I'm due in 2 weeks, and have previously toyed with the idea of reusables (but then bought some Nature Babycare disposables). Am now thinking of reusables again, cos hubby & I would like to give them a go really... so your opinions would be much appreciated!


Anna x


  • hey i have no idea what these nappies are like personally but i have just started using reusables on my LO at 5 1/2 months due to the evil new pampes being awful.

    are you looking at these because they are a relatively cheap form of reuasables can i ask? or just because you specifically wanted these kind?

  • I've never really read much about these on here, so wondering if they're any good? I would also be able to get them at a discount, cos a member of my family work for Mothercare.
    I've heard lots about the other well known brands, which are those I could try & possibly get financial help towards from my local council.
    Just wanting to weigh up the full picture really! x
  • if you post in baby you'll probably get a lot more replies about this as lots of the girls in theere already use them and lots of us have recently been converted.

    i actually wasn't going to suggest one of the well known brands, i was going to suggest some of the ones from china that are on ebay, they're ??5 each or cheaper if you buy a bundle. just i bought a bundle of 7 and yeah they took a couple of weeks to come but they're lovely, and they're a birth to potty one too. but obviously if you can get discount on mothercare you may as well!!

    but definately post in baby and possibly toddler as they busier than here at the min xxxx
  • Thanks for that, I will do!
    Do you have a link or anything for the ones you've bought please? I'd certainly be interested in having a look!
    Thanks again! x
  • I have been looking into these as they seemed quite reasonably priced when i looked at them in mothercare - however, i did a google search for reviews and most of them were not great to be honest. I think as with most things it depends on you and your baby but as there were more bad reviews than good i will try looking at other brands.
  • Yeah, I've gone off the smart nappy myself tbh & as mentioned in your other thread... I think the pocket nappy would be the best idea for me.
    Bumgenius do seem to be very well reviewed, also similar to these (it seems) are Coolababy, mentioned prior to your response & Rainbow BB (both off ebay from China) and there's also Naughty Baby on ebay in the UK.
    It is just such a Minefield! I definitely think pocket nappies would be easier, then the conundrum is whether to go "birth to potty" adjustable, or a brand where there are different sizes according to weight bracket? :-/
    Anna x
  • I know, i worry that the birth to potty ones will be too bulky on a new born, however, the likes of bumgenius are too expensive to buy different sizes for - even the trial packs are expensive! I have read some reviews about the naughty baby ones which have said they are not very thick so absorbancy isnt great and also the legs bits really pinch - arggg, where to start!
  • Oh heck! It really is a nightmare isn't it?! I know I can get financial help off my council towards reusables, but it is only ??60 so we'd still have to find a big chunk of cash to make up the rest image
    Have you come up with any other brands that are similar at all?
  • i've just bought these as a trial to see how my LO goes (untill i can order ones online) today was the first day so still getting used to them
  • I think that where there are so many to choose from , the outlay for trial packs could get quite high, although i know that you can buy second hand from the cloth nappy tree website. But saying that if they do work for you, one of the magaizines i have says you can save over ??700 over the cost of disposables. Have you thought about contacting the real nappy network? It is apparently a network of volunteers who use cloth nappies who come and talk to you about the benefits and show you a selection to help you choose - there is a lady in my area (there is a list on the website) so i may give her an email to see if seeing the nappys close up will help me choose!
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