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Free nappy trials?

Hi Ladies,
When i was pregnant i'm sure i heard about a service that comes to your home with a selection of nappy types. They talk to you about your needs and then for a deposit you can hire a few different nappies to trial for a while before you decide. Now i think i was just making it up, as i can't find anything remotely similiar on the internet!!

Has anyone used a service like this? Or knows other ways to try before you buy?

I really want to start using reuseables but money is so tight, i couldn't afford to make a mistake on which type i get. Thank you for your helps guys!



  • One of the other mums on here has used babykind who offer the home service thing but I am not sure about the trial bit. I think the address was but if you have a read through some of the other posts in her you should find it, Think it was MrsT that posted the link.
    Kerry xx
  • Don't know where you live but I found a company that did this here in Newcastle upon tyne.

    In case you are anywhere near here, here is the website:

    but the chances are that is no use - sorry - but I never found a national place that would do it!
  • Yeah I posted about Babykind :lol: We had one of the advisor's round to go through the different types of nappy available. We found her really informative and helpful, however she didnt mention anything about a nappy trial? :\? She stayed for around 2 hours, explained everything throughly, answered all our questions from absolute nonsense (hubby) to the really sensible (me) image

    I found it very similar to wedding dress shopping and by the time she left I couldnt remember the first nappy she'd showed us!! I emailed her for a written reccomendation given the factors we felt were important e.g. drying time, softness of the fabric, cost and she replied back with the nappies she thought were ideal and explained them all again in detail.

    I then ordered this from babykind which I've found really helpful

    Money is tight(ish) for us as well and I'm not going to be very popular if I make a mistake and order the wrong nappies having convinced hubby this is what we should do!!! The most enconomical as explained were birth to potty (though they're bulky on newborns). If you use a babykind advisor and tell them what you need, you can't really make a mistake
  • Thank you ladies! I've had a good look through babykind and it looks great. Maybe what i saw was a limited offer or something. Or maybe my pregnancy brain was hallucinating! Thank you craftycharli for your suggestion. I live in berkshire so it would be too far for me. I'll have a read through all your past threads now to see which nappy types you all get on with! xx
  • Found it! Nappies/sub_cat/The Cloth Nappy Trial Scheme.html
    I thought I'd seen a home trial service somewhere so I checked the nappy shops I've looked at on line. These guys will send you a selection of nappies to try for a fortnight, you have to pay for them but when you send them back they refund you the full cost, less a hire charge. If you place an order with them you get the full amount back.
    Hope that helps
    Kerry xx
  • Oooo... thanks for that link, this looks very helpful, I've been recommended tots bots and motherease but wasn't sure which was better so may try this out!

    thank you kerry... you are the nappy queen!
  • Try your local council too.. when I got my nappy voucher they sent me a huge list of nappy suppliers and nappy advisors and some of them did the trial services. The lady we spoke to int he end was dead helpful with nappy advice and she spent quite a while talking to me about nappies.

    I also bought a bunch of different nappies on ebay - just bargain hunted and got the cheap ones.. but if/when I buy bigger nappies I'll stick with the tots bots bamboo ones (recommended by the nappy lady). I did get some motherease nappies off ebay but haven't used them yet as they looked too big when Cole was little
  • Hi,

    there are lots of nappy libraries around the UK that can loan you nappies to try. This map has them all listed with their individual contact details

    (and thanks Maxnjacksmummy for the recommendation ;)

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