Basic advice please?

Hi, I am almost 10 weeks pregnant, and starting to think about options for baby. I have two sons already aged 11 and 12 so there have been a lot of changes in nappy options and quality since then! Back then I used pampers. I am wondering whether it may be better to use reusables this time round, but am TOTALLY clueless. Would anyone mind answering some questions for me?

Are reusables as comfortable as disposables?
Are they better for babies skin or give slightly less protection?
How can reusables be one size for all ages?
Do they leak/fill up with urine easier?
Are they really cheaper and environmentally friendly after having to put them through the washing machine - lots of extra loads!
What is the best nappy to use? Different types??

Could you maybe explain them like you would to a five year old? lol.

I would like to use a more environmentally friendly option but not sure if they really are, as a washing machine is expensive and not very environmentally friendly!

Thank you in advance for any advice, I know its early on, but I am starting to dream and plan :\)


  • All really good questionns but im off to bed so dont quite have the time to answer, some of them require time to explain!!

    There is a really good nappy forum where all the experts hang out. They have the answers for everything (nappy related!!) and are v nice.

    Good luck!

    Em x
  • Thanks, off to have a look now x
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