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Is anyone else noticing a problem getting hold of nappy liners? I went to plymouth and Boots have discontinued them and so have mothercare!! My hubby found some online great price and free delivery - discontinued! I'm about to go on and I'm sure I'll find some somewhere but does anyone know why that is? Also any good sites to recomend?


  • We always buy from - not had to for ages as we bought loads the last time as they were on offer and so they are stacked int he garage waiting to be used! No idea why they are tricky to get hold of!
  • We buy ours from our local independant baby shop. Last time we called in for something else I said to hubby "do we need liners?" and he said "soon but we're not desperate" and then the lady behind the counter said "we're having trouble getting liners" so my hubby said "yeah but presumably you've got a few in stock" and she said "that's the last packet".

    So we bought them!

    We didn;t ask why - but now I'm curious ... :\?
  • hi you can usually get them from i think they sell them for ??3.25p for a pack of 100 and delivery is ??2.95p hope this helps :\)
  • I'm still using the packs that I bought before cole was born so haven't noticed a problem - but last time someone mentioned a shortage i looked in boots and there were loads!

    i did start washing mine though if they'd just been weed on, and i don't use reusables all the time so i don't get through tons!

    have you tried ebay?
  • Mothercare haven't discontinued them!? If the store didn't have them you can get them online. Their own brand ones are half price at the mo & they have other brands on there if you prefer
  • hi girls

    i have had the same problem... it has been a complete nightmare.
    tesco dont do them, my mothercare dont, my boots dont, the only place i have managed to get them is from my local huge asda but when i say local i mean nearfly an hour away and they only do the expensive ones.

    also i have had a huge problem getting hold of the nappi nippas. i had to resort to getting them on ebay as i couldnt get them anywhere else. mothercare have really let me down on a lot of things lately...they need to buck their ideas up esp as they meant to do all things for babies!!!!!

    sorry to rant but had this prob for months now. :x

  • Hi, sorry haven't got any idea where you can get them from as i had loads given to me from a friend but like kia I also wash all my liners with the nappies unless they are soiled and they actually seem to work better and feel softer on the skin, a quick iron while damp and ready to re-use.

    Em x
  • I swear there is a conspiracy going on!
    I live in Crewe, Cheshire & can never get liners in local shops - my Mothercare is rubbish & the stock is totally random, if you ever ask when something will be in next their answer is always 'we never know what's coming on the delivery' hardly a way to run a business - sending stock they probably don't need & not sending stock they do! They always have other washables stuff in.

    I prefer Boots liners as they wash well, I always wash liners that have just been wee'd on...but I have tried to get these recently & they aren't on their website anymore & when I went 'up Hanley duc' they told me they were being discontinued at the store on the big retail park, then I went their big store in Hanley centre & they had 5 packs - so I bought 4, my OH said leave a pack for someone else! :lol:

    Considering that we're all supposed to be doing our bit they don't make it easy for us!

  • Since this topic wasposted I've been keeping an eye out when i think on at boots and they have never had any! Yesterday neither boots, mothercare or toys r us had any!! Not good really is it!! Ebay it is then!
  • hey ladies,

    I brought mine ages ago from ebay and just had a browse and just had a browse and theres quite a few on there. I use reusable fleece liners so I havent had this problem. I wonder why they arent stocking them? xxx
  • I get mine from They stock 3 different types. I've heard that the high street don't stock them because there isn't much mark-up on them and they are removed from the shelves whenever seasonal stock comes in - Christmas, Easter, summer etc. Haven't seen any in my local boots for over a year! Another comment - I did get some from Boots a while ago and it said in small print on the back that they cannot be flushed down the toilet - what's the point of that then!!!!
  • Even if they say you can flush them I try not to, I don't flush 'flushable' toilet wipes either cuz I watched a program on the worst jobs & there is a man at the sewage plant who has to fork out all the things flushed down toilets into a big skip to be taken away & incinerated! Eurgh! lol!

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